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YFA 137



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of his family at home and at Alnwick Castle and Eyemouth, Scotland.

Intertitle – Drink and Leg Show

Wearing a short dress, Mrs Beardsell sits on the grass with two other women having tea.

Intertitle – Alnwick Castle and the Duke of Northumberland's Fox Hounds

A large group of fox hounds assemble outside Alnwich Castle.  They are herded by two men in white coats over a bridge.

Intertitle – "Whiskers" arrived at Winder in June 1936.  David calls him "Whiskey"

David holds up a Scottish Terrier pup.  Mrs Beardsell brings the dog out some food.

Intertitle – At Dearnelea.

The family are sat around a table in the garden, with David with a selection of toys.

Intertitle – Area Picture at Eyemouth. May 1936

Waves are crashing against rocks and the sea walls of the village.

Intertitle – Fish Sales at Eyemouth.

Fishermen are gathered around at a fish auction on the beach, where the fish are packed into wooden boxes.

Intertitle – David is happy with a ball.

David plays football on the garden lawn.

Intertitle – The new tricycle is a welcome change.

David rides around the garden lawn on his new tricycle.