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NEFA 19890



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A short comedy by the Cleveland Cine club set in a laboratory in which a complex scientific experiment turns out to be the making a cup of tea. Believed to have been shot at ICI Billingham the film shows various liquids being moved from beaker to beaker, boiled, spun and distilled to eventually produce the tea which is eventually drunk by the man carrying out the experiment. 

The film opens in a small whitewashed brick room showing a large piece of laboratory equipment against the wall.

The film cuts to show a series of switches on a control panel for an Argo Chromatograph. A hand appears and flicks a switch.

Through a clear tube attached to piece of equipment bubbles are seen rising. On a different control panel, a hand flicks a ‘Boost Start’ switch.

A syringe lying on a table is picked up and used to collect a yellow liquid from a glass beaker and inject it into another piece of lab equipment. On a piece of graph paper a pen draws a line of measurement.

From a test tube more yellow liquid is poured into a glass beaker sitting on a Bunsen burner tripod. A switch is turned on and the liquid in the beaker begins to spin. The film cuts to show the mercury inside a thermometer sitting in the beaker rising. More liquid is poured into the beaker from different containers as the steam inside the beaker as the film intercuts with the mercury in the thermometer continuing to rise.

A circular glass flask with a filter tap on the bottom is placed beside the glass beaker. The boiling liquid is poured into the flask.

The film cuts to show another filter flask hanging down from metal clamps. A hand opens the filter and clear liquid drips into another beaker.

Beside a window, out of which can be seen an industrial complex, the liquid is poured into a distiller. A hand turns a dial on a control panel.

The film cuts to show the liquid boiling in a centrifuge. Through a filter tap clear liquid drips into a beaker. A hand picks up the glass beaker and places it on a Bunsen burner tripod.

Now boiling, a hand uses a towel to pick up the beaker and pour the liquid into another beaker mixing it with a glass stirrer. A white liquid, milk, is then added to the beaker.

The film cuts to show the beaker on a table. It is picked up and the content is gulped down by a man whose hands have been seen conducting the experiment. He smiles at the camera. The film ends with him putting the beaker back on the table, the words ‘The End’ are written around the rim.