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YFA 5931



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This is the first of three films made by Edwin Scaife, an electrical engineer from Leeds, of his daughter.  This shows the family on holiday, possibly in Blackpool, as well as at home.

Title – (08.6.1932), 1934 – 2 years old 

Alison is running and playing in her garden, going on a swing.  Along with other small children, she has a ride on a miniature locomotive on wheels. The family sit on the garden lawn having a picnic.  Alison continues to play with the pet dog, along with her grandad, before sitting on a stool holding a doll.  

Now on a beach, Alison plays in the sand, and then with her mother, Gracie, in a park.  They walk past a shop, “Jazzina”, before going on several rides in a fairground, possibly at Blackpool. 

Title – 1935, 3 years old

Alison is again seen on a fairground ride and on a beach, playing beach ball with an older girl and a man, possibly her father.  Alison is dressed on the beach by her mother, and then together with her family goes paddling in the sea.  There is a shot looking down on a boating lake before Alison is seen riding a trike with other children going around a circuit.  She then goes on a long swing, a slide and a seesaw with an elderly man (possibly her grandfather).  Alison has a bath, and then, dressed, powders her nose using a mirror.  There is a short fireworks display before the film ends with Allison and her rag doll posing for the camera next to the settee.