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YFA 5933



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This is the third of three films made by Edwin Scaife, an electrical engineer from Leeds, of his daughter Alison.  This shows the family on a holiday to the Isle of Wight, and possibly in Blackpool, as well as at home.

The film begins with Alison feeding seagulls along with an elderly woman on a street on a sea front.  It’s filmed in front of some buildings, possibly at Blackpool.  There is a brief view of the sea before the girl goes into a shop which sells model boats.  She exits the shop with a model sailboat which she shows to a woman, presumably her mother.  They look at the sea as two large ships pass by and two sailors walk along a timber pier.

At an outdoor theatre, actors perform a musical show on a stage in front of an audience.  The audience is seated in the front in deckchairs.  Next, there is a highly decorated horse drawn cart parading along a road.  The cart has “Rose Queen”, and “Betty 1939” written on the front.  Then back again to the outdoor theatre where many more people are seated on a large bank overlooking the stage.  The state has a sign above it “[something?] Valley Entertainers.”  The performers give their bows at the end to applause.

A man stands in a doorway.  He holds up an image of a silhouette of a girl for the camera.  Next, there is a ticket office advertising trips to Douglas, on the Isle of Wight, offering a 1st class weekly ticket for 15’- and a return for 8’6.  A workman unties the mooring rope from the pier, and the ferry sets off with the family on board.  They are next on a seafront with horse drawn buses going past advertising Jacobs Marie Biscuits.  Film is taken from on board the ferry as it passes the lighthouse and arrives at Colwyn Bay.  Alison pays to go on a big slide, and large waves crash against the seafront before Alison goes on a roundabout ride and a boat swing.  The next piece of film is taken from the front of the car as it drives along, passing a waterfall.  They stop for a farmer who herds his cows along the road, and there is a shot of an iron suspension bridge.

The film returns back to where it started.  An elderly woman is chatting with another woman while sitting on a bench.  Others have tea and sandwiches, including Alison, possibly at a school.

Title – 1941, 9 years old

Alison slides on a frozen pond, and others are there skating.  Now summertime, Alison is collecting pond life in a goldfish bowl and, along with some boys, sailing her model boat on the pond.  They are then out on rowing boats, Alison with an elderly man, possibly her grandfather.  The film finishes with Alison in her back garden playing with the pet rabbit.