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YFA 5932



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This is the second of three films made by Edwin Scaife, an electrical engineer from Leeds, of his daughter Alison.  This shows the family on holiday, possibly in Blackpool, as well as at home.  It also shows the wedding of Edwin’s sister and their honeymoon in Scotland, taken by Edwin’s sister.

Title – 1936, 4 years old

Alison is seated in a toy car in her back garden, and then in front of a street sign which reads “BL Lucy Avenue.” Alison then sits on the doorstep of her house with her mother, Gracie, who is dressing a doll for her. The film switches to Alison having a donkey ride on a beach – possibly either Blackpool or Scarborough – and then at a fairground on a trike going around a circuit along with other children, with the parents seated around the outside on deckchairs watching.  Alison then goes on a miniature railway ride, with “Jigsaw” written on the tender, pulling a train of coaches packed with children.  The driver helps Alison get off, and she sits to have an ice cream before going on another ride in a cage.

The next scenes are of a wedding, with a close up of the groom.  The bride arrives in a car with her father and Alison as a bridesmaid.  The newlyweds walk arm-in-arm around the church, situated near York Road in East Leeds.  They have their photograph took with other members of the family, and Alison holding a bouquet of flowers.  The newlyweds have confetti thrown over them before they leave in their car.  Alison poses with a man, possibly her grandfather, for the camera.

Now at what looks to be Edinburgh Castle, there is a view over Edinburgh.  The Forth Bridge can be seen.  The family board the river ferry, from South Queen’s to North Queen’s, along with other vehicles.  The film switches to show a Highland Band marching up and down a field, followed by a woman presenting trophies.