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NEFA 18355



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A short student fictional tragi-comedy about two lovers. This amateur film was made in and around the village of Mitford in Northumberland by Newcastle University students in the late 1960s.

The film opens with a view of Mitford Church as seen from Mitford Castle. A woman wearing a shawl walks towards a stone archway inside the castle ruins and sits down. She looks down towards the church.

Another view of Mitford Church shows a modern house nearby. Several views of Mitford Castle walls [some are out of focus]. The woman walks down a steep bank, and then picks some green shrubs. She then starts running across a meadow holding the green shrubs. She washes them in a river, probably the River Wansbeck. The woman walks across some moorland before descending a steep bank towards a river.

[Out of focus] A man walking across a bridge. He talks to another man across a barbed wire fence. The other man points. General views of Mitford Castle as seen from the bottom of the ramparts [some of these shots out of focus]. The man walks across a meadow before stopping by a large oak tree. Close-up of the man’s face.

Close-up of the woman looks nervous. She is then chased across the meadow by the man. They are then seen holding hands and walking away towards woodland. The man has his arm around the woman's shoulder as they walk across a footbridge over a river.

Ther next sequence shows the couple stopping and looking at the river. A view back inside the castle where the woman giving the man a shawl with green shrubs in it. The man walks away and throws the woman’s shawl over his shoulder. The woman walks beside the castle walls holding a shawl to her face. The film finishes back inside the archway where the film began as the woman falls to the floor and appears to be dramatically crying. The woman then disappears leaving just the shawl.

Title: The end.