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YFA 5243



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This is a film of women selling flowers to raise money for the Alexandra Rose Day charitable fund which had recently been set up in 1912. The flowers are sold in various places in Sheffield, including to convalescing soldiers, possibly of the 3rd West Riding Company.

Title – Alexandra Rose Day, Scenes in Sheffield
Intertitle – Hon. organiser Fredk. Simons Esq.

He poses for the camera, doffing his cap.

Intertitle – And his willing helper, Mrs Fredk. Simons

Simmons also poses for the camera.

Intertitle – Grand Hotel, Leopold Street, Mrs Simons

Mrs Simons and several other women, all dressed in white, sell flowers in the street.  They stand next to a chauffeur-driven car, and there is a crowd of onlookers.  They stand to pose for the camera.

Intertitle – Norfolk Street Club, Mrs Bedford

Another group of women dressed in white sell flowers outside the hotel.

Intertitle – Cockaynes Angel Street, Mrs Lawson

A third group of women dressed in white are selling flowers near to a millenary stall, or a draper's shop.  Some boys wearing flat caps are watching.

Intertitle – King Street Club, Mrs Tusting Cocking

Another large group of women in white stand selling flowers, joined by other sellers.

Intertitle – Victoria Wesleyan School, Stafford Road.

A fifth group of women, and girls, all dressed in white with baskets of flowers hung around their necks, stand with a vicar.  One of the women pins a flower onto the uniform of an army officer. Several more flowers are sold as a horse and cart passes by in the background, followed by cars and a bus.  A large group of army officers, some with their arms in a sling, pose with several nurses.  The film ends displaying the Union Jack Flag.