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YFA 765



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and contains footage of Alderman Stringer receiving the Freedom of Bradford. It starts with him and his family and includes shots from inside Bradford Town Hall.

Title-City of Bradford Admission of Joseph Stringer, Esq, J.P. to the Roll of Honorary Freemen on Thursday, the 5th day of November, 1942.

Title-Joseph Stringer Esq.

The next section cuts to black and white, and some men pose beside their cars before walking off. Then some women and men dressed in dressy hats and coats walk up to Bradford Town Hall. There are shots of a tram and the street in the background. The people smile at the camera as they enter, and they are followed by lots more people.

The next shots are taken from inside the Town Hall where Joseph is seated beside the Mayor who is making a speech; he gives Joseph a scroll and a box and then gets him to stand for the guests. Some of the Mayor's assistants who carry the ceremonial staff walk out of the hall followed by Joseph. There is a shot of the scroll which Joseph received. The final shot is of them all sitting down to tea and sandwiches with the Mayor. The scroll and the ceremonial box that Joseph was presented with are laid out in front of him.