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YFA 3664



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This film documents the time right before the Albion Mills staff leave Wakefield for their trip to Scarborough. Many of the staff can be seen loading into busses waiting for the trip to begin.

Title - Albion Mills Outing - The Staff leaves Wakefield on a trip to Scarborough in celebration of Sir Edmund Stonehursts' [sic] 80th Birthday.

Women are lined up waiting to get onto the busses. The filmmaker uses a panning shot to show all the workers and their families who will be headed to Scarborough. There are many children who have also come along.

The busses arrive, and once on board, the children wave out the window to the camera. There are more than ten busses there for transport and labelled as part of the West Riding company.

Women begin to get on the busses, and nearly all are dressed in a coat and hat. Some of them pose with the smaller children and help them wave to the camera. Men in suits and hats can also be seen waiting to depart on the journey.

The film closes with a final shot of the busses leaving Wakefield. Suburban houses can be seen in the background.

Additional Information:
Although the intertitle says, " Sir Edmund Stonehurst," the filmmaker is most likely referring to Sir Edmund Stonehouse, four times Mayor of the City of Wakefield between 1888-1917 and whose family founded Albion Mills.