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NEFA 21740



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This film made by railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson looks at steam locomotives in the North East at a time when steam traffic was beginning to decline across the country.

The film opens with a view of a train crossing a viaduct. The camera pans left to right following its progress, along an embankment through fields and open country. From the top of a valley side a view follows in the distance of a steam train speeding along a track in the bottom of the valley.

Along an embankment in a moorland setting , a steam engine pulls a train of empty flatbed trucks. This train is being assisted by another engine at the rear.  General views follow of other working steam engines in various locations.

Next a country station platform and a goods train comes through pulled by engine no. 48544 an 8F-A class Stanier 2-8-0, built at the Darlington works. The film cuts to a moorland setting as an engine comes over a viaduct, possibly a double header or two engined train, pulling goods wagons. A high angle view from a bridge shows a roadside rail track and a steam goods train going under the bridge. From a low angle another steam goods train crosses a viaduct. The camera pans its progress from right to left.

Another view from a different angle shows another engine hauling a passenger train. A closer shot follows in a cutting of steam engine 'Alberta'(?). The blurred footage shows the goods train crossing a small viaduct. From the same vantage point an A4 Pacific (again blurred) comes from the opposite direction, pulling carriages.

Enthusiasts gather on the hillside to take photo's. Taken from a station platform a steam passenger train emerges from a tunnel. 

The film cuts immediately to a level crossing and signal box as a train approaches, a diesel train this time pulls passenger coaches.

Next steam engines in open country, as a train crosses a field. On the same section of line another steam goods train hauls a train of wagons. The same section of line is shown as a steam passenger train passes from the opposite direction. The steam engine appears to be 'Alberta' as seen earlier.

A low angle shot from the trackside shows Britannia class 4-6-2 'Byron' slowly making a progress with a passenger train. The film cuts to a busy marshalling yard, as goods wagons wait for their next destination.

The film cuts to a rural setting and a trackside view of an oncoming steam train. On its smokebox a sign reads 'The South Yorkshireman'. The engine number is 45562 named 'Alberta' a 4-6-0 Jubilee class Stanier, which features earlier and in other films in the collection. It speeds past into the distance.

The location changes to a river or lakeside as a steam train crosses on a low level 'bridge' . The engine may well be 'Alberta' again. The film cuts to general view of a steam train making progress along a valley bottom (quite blurred).

Another shot follows of 'Alberta' again as it makes its way along a hillside railway. A left to right panning view follows, showing the roofs of a village with hills and farmland with a forest in the distance .

A view follows of a steam engine coming along a single track towards the camera. The engine is a small tank engine, on the side is painted script which reads 'NCB North Durham Area' A high angle view follows showing the engine reversing with a train of coal wagons. Number 22 is displayed on the side of the driver's cab. The camera follows the engine as it goes along a hillside track. From another location a view shows the engine reversing, with coal wagons.

The film cuts to a trackside shot in a railway cutting and an approaching shunting engine, a different one to the one seen earlier as the number on the cabside is 83.

Cut to a steam engine pulling goods wagons crossing a bridge over a river that is swollen with rainwater and is beginning to flood. The film cuts to another shot of a swollen river going under a stone bridge. To the right a steam train puffs out steam and smoke above the tree line. It comes into view and crosses the first bridge. It hauls some low flat bed wagons.

Cut to a railway cutting in what seems to be very wet weather as a steam train speeds into the distance. Another steam passenger train comes from the opposite direction and speeds past the camera.

In fairer weather and in open country a polished green and black steam passenger train speeds past, a diesel goods train travels past in the opposite direction.

The film ends as a large black steam locomotive steams past in open country.