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YFA 4377



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This is a film from the Taylor family collection. It shows the family print works in Wombwell in operation compositing and printing posters in 1980, to celebrate the firm's centenary; and printing the Barnsley Express in 1937.

Title - Poster Dept. (Marsh Street) Taylors Wombwell, composing and machining, Quadcrown 2 Col.DPE. 1970; Printing Barnsley Express 1937.

The film begins showing some posters advertising various acts, such as George Formby, Lacey's Lions and Fossett Circus, up on a wall. Above them is a sign for Albert Taylor & Sons Ltd., Stationary Manufacturers, and in front of this is a printing press. Around the walls are other posters including one for Al Jolson. Along one of the walls is all the compositor equipment, with rows and rows of alphabetical blocks, of all shapes and sizes. In the background the machinery can be heard. Two compositors are at work settings some blocks up for printing. Having finished laying out a block, the compositor tightens the screws to hold it all in place. The block is put into the printing machine, being knocked into place with a mallet. Another one is fixed in place further along the printing press.

The machine is then set underway, and the finished poster is held up. It is for a souvenir poster for 'Taylors Centenary Year', 1880 to 1980. Some adjustments are made and another poster is printed off, with an address on the poster of 'Station Road and Marsh Street, Wombwell'. Yet more adjustments are made and more are printed off. With each printing a workman applies a bit more ink where required.

The film then switches back to 1937, where the owners of the company are having a toast in the printing room. A newspaper is being printed off. Print workers check the paper as it comes off the press. The printing press is filmed from many different vantage points. One of the owners pokes his head through a gap in the press and smiles to the camera and the film comes to an end.