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This is a film of the new prefabricated houses designed by W. M. Airey & Sons, the Leeds based builders, at the end of the Second World War.  The Airey House was adopted by the Minister of Health for rural areas following the Second World War.  In three years, over 25,000 Airey houses were built in England and Wales, and many thousands more were built under license in the Netherlands.  The houses featured in the film may be the prototypes that were put up in Seacroft in Leeds in 1945.  The film consists of intertitles (also in French) outlining each stage of the construction of the houses, followed by showing workmen carrying out the work stated.

Title – Ministry of Works, division of the chief scientific adviser

British crown copyright reserved:  the Airey prefabricated Permanent House.

Several of the houses are shown.

Intertitle – Laying damp proof course over site concrete.
Intertitle – Jig for alignment of posts laid on foundation slab.
Intertitle – Bolting posts and floor joists are erected prior to erection.
Intertitle – Erection of frames.
Intertitle – jig for alignment and steadying of posts during erection.
Intertitle – Alignment of posts by means of jig.
Intertitle – Placing bedding mastic on posts before erection of external slabs.
Intertitle – Detail of corner cladding unit.
Intertitle – Placing lead flashings over window heads.
Intertitle – View of treble cavity party wall from above

The film also shows the whole of the roof being constructed, and the inside having been kitted out.  The film closes with views of the finished houses taken from the road. 

The End