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YFA 1808



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This is one of many travelogue films made by amateur filmmaker Laurie Wright. Using intertitles, the films shows many of the interesting sights of Airedale at a time before mass tourism.

Title - An Argoth Production
Yorkshire Dales
Title - Airedale

Intertitle - Source of Aire at Malham. Malham Cove & Falls.

Malham Cove & Falls are shown in the winter time from a distance, as well as the surrounding countryside. Then the Falls are shown from ground level, with a woman walking towards the Cove.

Intertitle - Infant Aire bubbles into light of day from under the Cove

The beginning of the River Aire is shown as a small stream running over the rocks, filmed from various angles. A group of people stand by the water's edge underneath the cove. The river is filmed further along bubbling over rocks, and there is a village.

Intertitle - Gordale Scar

The film shows the mountains in the distance, with traces of snow. Sheep graze in nearby fields. A man walks over a small old stone bridge going over the river. Nearby is a waterfall which divides into several strands. A group of people walk around underneath the waterfall.

Intertitle - Jennet's Foss

There is another, larger waterfall, pouring into a river. A swan swims in the river.

Intertitle - Unique grave at Kirkby Malham over which runs a stream

The church and church yard are shown with many of the gravestones, looking closely at one stone in particular with a tall crucifix.

Intertitle - Hanlith Hall, a picturesque Airedale mansion

The Hall is shown from a distance, followed by the river, filmed from various vantage points and showing the waterfall.

Intertitle - Summertime in Airedale

A field of wheat is shown blowing in the wind. A farmer rides on a horse drawn harvester, with the cut stalks coming out the back and falling on the ground. A woman and a boy rake the cut stalks into lines. The farmer follows up with a large horse-drawn rake, and he stakes it into piles loaded high onto a horse drawn cart. When the cart is full it is led off and another takes its place.

Intertitle - Wintertime in Airedale

Snow is on the roofs of the houses, and piled up on the ground. A woman walks through a path in the snow towards the camera with a scarf wrapped around her head. She continues along a road, and plays with an Alsatian dog. Icicles hang from the roofs of the houses. A man walks through a nearby snow covered wood. People are out sledging in the snow down a steep hill. The village and river are shown again with most of the snow gone. A man walks across some stepping stones over the river.

Intertitle - Industrial Airedale

Chimneys are seen in the background, with a railway wagon in the foreground where a steam loco pulls a goods train. There is a mill, and on the river, or canal, a barge passes carrying coal. There are large mills on both sides of the river/canal.

Intertitle - An Airedale town goes on its annual holiday

People gather at the entrance of Forster Square Railway Station, Bradford. Inside the Station the lobby is packed with travellers. A LMS billboard advertises 'popular trips from Bradford', including Blackpool and Morecombe, both for 2'6, Ilkley and Addingham, both 9d, and Bolton Abbey 1/-. Outside, as more people arrive, a policeman directs the traffic. 'Special Trains' are written up on a departure board for LMS & LNE RYS. A large crowd of holidaymakers, many carrying suitcases, have arrived. Outside the station there is a large sidings with many lines and a signal box in the middle. A long passenger train arrives being pulled by two locos facing each other.

The film switches to a large expanse of water, with people out on rowing boats and children swimming.

Title - The End