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This film documents various physical education and training exercises carried out by the Air Training Corps Cadets during the Second World War. Intertitles are used throughout the film to identify people and events including the opening of squadron headquarters, inspections, and a Wings for Victory week in 1943.

Title - Air Training Crops, Morley No. 1080 Squadron under the command of F/Lt A. Kirk M.C.
Title - Fitness is the first essential training. The Cadets soon start to enjoy their P.T. which is given as often as possible.

The film opens with colour footage. Young boys are lined up in long rows out on a sports field. They run relays, rolling a ball from the front to the back of the line. The cadets are still dressed in regular clothing. Following this, and now dressed in white gym clothing, the boys participate in other exercises including jumping jacks, strength training, push-ups, and gymnastics. Slow motion footage is taken as some of the boys jump over a gymnastic vault.

Title - All Cadets are expected to take up some form of sport. The Cricket team soon began to show promise and had several enjoyable games.

B&W - Part of the cricket game is filmed in slow motion. A clock and factory towers can be seen in the background.

Title - The Squadron headed by their drum and bugle band join the Morley Parade of the Civil Defence photographer Mr Thackray.

The Civil Defence parade makes its way down the street. It is led by the drummers, and the cadets playing bugles follow.

Title - Our photographer Mr Thackray excited by the "martial air" performs a sequence of aerobatics with the camera.

The cameraman seems to have lost control of the camera while still filming. He then regains control and focuses on the parade. People watch from the doors and windows of their homes along this terraced street.

Title - A.T.C. The Opening of Squadron Headquarters by Air Commodore Sidney Smith O.B.E. Oct. 4th 1941.

Colour - Crowds line the street as the parade comes down the road. It is led by the drummers, and the bugle band follows. The cadets stop and stand at attention in front of the new headquarters. The Lord Mayor and Commodore exit the building along with other dignitaries. The Commodore then inspects the cadets. Following this, the parade marches past in salute to the Commodore and Lord Mayor. There is also a sign hanging on the building, "Help us to form Street Savings Groups."

B&W - The Lord Mayor and Mayoress get out of a car, and the parade continues through the streets of Morley. A brass band leads the parade, and the cadets again stand at attention outside the new building.

Title - Air Training Crops - Morley & District Wing. Inter-Squadron Sports.

The boys participate in a sack race which is filmed in slow motion. The high jump follows this race, and spectators can be seen in the background. There is also a tug-of-war.

Colour - The boys compete in athletic races including the hurdles. The footage is filmed at regular speed and in slow motion.

Title - Swimming & Diving contest at Otley open air Baths.

Slow motion footage shows the boys swimming in relay races. Spectators, seated on bleachers, are gathered at the side of the pool. A diving competition follows the swimming races. Houses can be seen in the background.

Title - Drum Head Service followed by March Past

A flag has been erected in the middle of a field, and a priest and altar boys are standing at the flagpole. The priest performs a service before the cadets march past. The parade is led by a band. Factory towers can be seen in the background. After the cadets have marched past, the altar boys line up and march off the field with the priest.

Title - The first Cadets from the Morley Wing to pass their Proficiency Test.

Five cadets are lined up and pose for the camera.

Title - Camp - August - 1942 Inspection & March Past taken by Air Chief Marshall Sir Arthur Longmore

B&W - Photograph of salute at the podium.

Title - Wings for Victory Week 1943 The A.T.C. and G.T.C. give an exhibition of drill at West Ardsley

Colour - A military band is playing, and cadets march past in both slow and quick marches. Spectators have gathered to watch the marches. Female cadets follow the boys on march.

Title - An exceedingly smart drill display was given by the A.T.C. & G.T.C. The Sea & Army Cadets along with the A.T.C. & G.T.C. line the drill square. The Mayor inspects the drill squads.

B&W - Sea cadets are lined up, and a full inspection takes place. Other cadets are in line as well, and they begin to march. The Lord Mayor continues his inspection on this windy day. Shop fronts can be seen in the background.

Title - Smart! Are'nt [sic] They?

The cadets continue to march, and a speech is given from a temporary state built on the steps of the A.T.C. Headquarters.

Colour - There is more footage of the Cadets marching, this time filmed in slow motion.

Title - "A" flight camp at Stamford Bridge
Title - The boat races were a great success.

Two cadets are in a rowboat while the others sit on the riverside embankment to watch the race.

Title - The Commanding Officer discusses the results with the races with "A" Flight Commander and the Sgt. Major.

The three men stand on the banks of the river where they are talking. Two rowboats are in the narrow river.

Title - After a hard afternoon's run, looking for treasure, the cadets rest on "Mary the Queen Mother."

Dressed in civilian clothing, the boys relax on the top of the boat.

Title - All good things come to an end.

The film ends with the cadets taking down their tents at camp. Others relax on the boat.