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YFA 2355



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This amateur film, made by a Wakefield-based businessman, chronicles various agricultural shows that were held in Yorkshire. There are numerous shots of livestock on parade, Alsatian dog trials, followed by scenes of the Great Yorkshire Show in 1957 and footage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

This film opens with a shot of a sign for `Wakefield Agricultural Show, Thornes Park, Bank Holiday Monday'. The camera pans along the path where a policeman is standing guard outside the gates to the event. Inside the gates, small marquees have been erected and they contain stalls companies like `Waterloo Cakes', `John Hirst and Company' as well as exhibitions of various pieces of farm machinery.

The next scene starts with a Shire horse competition; a huge crowd of spectators gather around the field. Following this is a bull competition and another horse and foal competition. The handlers jog along beside the horses and then hold them still while the judges inspect them. Shots taken from around the show capture people sitting around and talking.

The next part of the festival is with horse riders galloping around the field. Then the Mayoress stands beside the Shire horses, makes a speech and walks off with the other dignitaries. There follows a sequence of various animal competitions, and then a display of horse and trap racing.

(The next section is black and white)

A crowd of people mill around a marquee which houses a flower show; there are tables full of plants and vases

Title-Ackworth Agricultural Show 1946.

Two men hold two cart horses, while two competition judges examine them. In another part of the field men are leading cows around. Following this are more shots of cart and Shire horse competitions.

The next scene follows a procession of people on small floats as they are pulled along by horses. Then there is a sequence of shots of farmers showing their cows, horses and traps, and a line-up of young horse riders. Then there are shots again of the gymkhana and spectators leaving the event.

Title-Bingley Show.

The scene opens with shots of a crowd filing through a marquee with a flower display; they point at and examine the flowers. The next shots are of a dog show; the owners walk their dogs along the grass in front of the spectators and judges and then stand still with them.

Title-Alsatian Dog Trial held in Thornes Park, Wakefield.

There is a panning shot across the huge crowd of spectators, some of which smile and wave. Next follows a sequence of shots from the different sections of the competition. Some owners walk along with their dogs, giving commands and making them fetch things. A soldier crawls along the grass with his dog, who also crawls. The dog crawls over to a man pretending to be a dead soldier, he removes an envelope from his pocket and crawls back to the soldier.

Then a man and his Alsatian perform for the crowds. The dog jumps through hoops, over wide fences and climbs up and down ladders. In the next part, two men pretend to fight and then the dog attacks a man who is wearing a mitt. The dog also jumps through hoops which have been lit with fire and finally two dogs jump over a plank fence that is raised higher and higher.

The following scenes take place at the Great Yorkshire Show, beginning with a shot of the large sign over the building; crowds have gathered outside.

(The film changes back to colour)

Along a street , doctors, nurses, nuns and patients lie in beds and sit on chairs with flags. There are more shots from all along the main street, and many men, women and children line the street. The car with Queen Elizabeth the II and the Duke of York drives down the street, and the crowds wave at the Queen as her car drives past.

From the top of a building the camera looks down onto the street at a large army marching band, followed by soldiers who march in formation. Beside the camera man are more people waving flags. Across the road is a large `Yorkshire Penny Bank' and people running along the side of the road behind the crowds, in order to keep up with the Royal car.

The Royal procession then makes its way along through a smaller town and drives right past the camera man.

Back in an arena and huntsmen and hounds gallop around the field; there is a sign for `Olympia' at one side of the field.