Film ID:
YFA 4383



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This is a film of an agriculture show and a visit to Chester Zoo.

The film begins at an agricultural show with a tractor from Newark farm pulling a carriage carrying visitors. There is a large field surrounded by marquees and displays, including E.Knight of Newark and E & T R Curtis Ltd.. A fox hunting party gathers, and there is a show jumping competition. There is a competition of heavy horses. A girl feeds one of the horses in the stables. There is dressage with a horse and cart and a bull competition, with the winner being pulled along by a boy. This is followed by a competition for dairy cows and one for pigs. There are piglets, and hens in cages, and a conveyor belt for eggs.

There is an exhibition of farm machinery, with a small play area for children. There is a display of police horsemanship and of police dogs, and then of sheep dogs, followed by sheep shearing.

The film switches to polar bears in a Chester Zoo, swimming in the water. Then grizzly bears, standing up ready to collect food. There are close up shots of elephants. One elephant carries a group of people on its back. Then onto rhinoceroses, followed by monkeys, pelicans, ducks, seals, and camels taking children on rides. The film finishes showing deer and flower gardens.