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YFA 5061



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This is a film by an amateur filmmaker from Selby featuring his family, and especially his son Graham.  The family visit an agricultural show, on 10 May, 1973, and the steam railway at Grossmont.

The film begins with some children playing and running around in the front garden of the family home, joined by their parents. In the back of a house a boy is running up and down whilst two women look out from the back door, the older woman is stirring a mixture in a bowl. 

The film switches to a steam train passing, and some volunteers doing some maintenance work on the track (Grossmont on box).  The film switches again to a boy running in a field, and a blacksmith giving a demonstration of changing a horse shoe at an event of old agricultural methods, and there is a demonstration of heavy horses ploughing a field with an old plough.   Back at home lots children play in the garden where there is a party.