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This film is a professionally produced documentary made by Nick Fletcher and Cube Media in York, sponsored by a Commedia Millennium Award.  The film features footage of Malton and Norton, towns which in 1999 and 2000 were hit with the worst flooding in over 50 years. 

Title – In March 1999 the twin towns of Malton and Norton were hit by the worst floods in over 50 years, homes and businesses were left devastated, in November 2000 the floods returned.

There are shots of the main streets of Malton after the flood intercut with scenes of the flooded river.  The film contains a series of interviews with flood victims.  The first interviewee, Steve Smith, is from Barker-Smith Ltd, a car sales business.  He describes the devastation the water brought to his showroom in Malton.

The next people interviewed are Sid and Kath Youngson who talk about their house on the High Street that was damaged. They sit on the sofa in their newly decorated sitting room.

George Harper is interviewed next in close up.  He spekas about how the water rises and what precautions he takes to defend his property.

Steve Smith says it took over a year to get his property clean.  While he speaks, there are shots of the water inside the house.

Rev Bill Ankers speaks about the churches work during the floods, raw sewage etc.  There are shots of The Royal Oak pub with Juliet Stimpson who stands behind the pumps and talks.

Tony Dyer, part of the Fire and Rescue services, talks about the fire services job during the floods.  James Hands works in the Post Office and is also a fire-fighter.  He speaks about the intensity of the flood relief effort.  Additionally, all the interviewees talk about the fear of looters.

10th March, 1999, amateur footage featured a flooded house, including eels and sewage.  Fire Officers talk about discouraging canoers as the water was a health hazard, and accompanying this voiceover are shots of tractor going through floods with shoppers.

Juliet discusses community spirit while shots of boats on the water are shown.  Following this, there is footage of drains, damage, and re-building.

George Harper, interviewee has strong regional accent and dialect.

There is a shot of large excavator, and Kim Andrew, an Environment Agency official, speaks about the flood defences using the “fastrack system.”  The interviewees discuss the flood defence system, and they are not convinced that it will work.  Furthermore, the pros and cons of dredging are discussed.  The film ends with a view of the river at peace and the credits roll.

End Credits:
A Concept by Nicholas Fletcher
With thanks to York Evening Press/Newsquest Media Group
Many thanks to Greg Christie for his help in making this video and to Syd and Kath Youngston for the use of their footage of the floods
Directed by Christopher Spence
After the Floods is dedicated to the people of Malton and Norton
Millennium Awards
A Cube Media Production copyright 2002