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YFA 333



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This is the second part of a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace made of a tour of Africa (see 329). The second part starts where the first part finishes at Victoria Waterfall, and then visiting Johannesburg, Durban, Zululand and Lourenco.

The film begins showing Victoria Waterfall from many different vantage points. They visit a village where there is a traditional craft centre and the Rhodes Livingstone Museum. Two villagers, dressed as beetles, perform a dance. They next take a boat trip along a river, passing hippos, and being passed by white water skiers and powerboats. They visit Wankie National Park, which they tour in a Triumph car. Here there are deer, boar, bison, lions, and elephants. They next have a look around a town before taking a plane.

Intertitle - Johannesburg

They do a tour of the city, filming the streets as well visiting tourist sites.

Intertitle - The Ndebele Tribe on the way to Kruger National Park

They gather around their Ford Cortina, and drive across a large mass of land, passing a group of men, women and children wearing traditional dress. A tourist loads sacks of oranges into his car before touring the park, looking at the wildlife, such as rhinos. They then board another plane, with South Africa Airways.

Intertitle - We met a 'weather front' as we approach Cape Town

They fly over a large area of cloud and land at Cape Town airport, where a group of white men come off plane. There are scenes of beautiful beaches and a rocky coast, and they visit the Huguenot Monument in Franschoek. They take cable car up a mountain looking down on the coast below. A large group of people, including many Africans in red turbans, wave off a ship called the Pendennis Castle. They film the local agriculture and wildlife.

Intertitle - Impressions of the 'Garden Route' to Durban

The next stage of their route along the east coast is shown on a map. There is a sign for 'Sir Lowry's Pass', houses of the white settlers.

Intertitle - Highgate Ostrich Farm, Oudshoorn

A guide shows Grace a selection of ostrich feathers, and then some ostrich eggs, with the guide standing on one to illustrate its strength. One of the workers rides on an ostrich, which are vigorously manhandled.

Intertitle - Snakes and dolphins at Port Elizabeth

An African handles some snakes being kept in a zoo, where there are also some dolphins which are encouraged to perform tricks. They are next at an airport.

Intertitle - Durban: an industrial and holiday city by the sea

There is a market, with mainly black and Asian Africans, and many women carrying their bags and baskets on their heads. There are stalls selling spices, including one called 'mother-in-law hellfire curry powder'. They show an industrial area, and then a beach, where there are all white swimming pools. Grace gets a ride on a rickshaw being pulled by a black man in a wild costume. There is a road sign for, among other places, 'Sheffield Beech' (3 km).

Intertitle - Zululand and the Hluhluwe Reserve

They continue their journey by car passing zebras, giraffes and rhinos. They also pass women carrying baskets on their heads, and they also pass groups of huts. Oxen pulled plough in a field. There is a hospital with many small black children, and a church with a memorial for the battle of Nyezano in 1879.. A close up is shown of a typical straw hut.

Intertitle - Sani Pass and Basutoland

The entrance to the hotel and the swimming pool is seen, and women playing bowls. They travel by land rover. A group of whites Africans go on a horse ride. Locals herd their ponies and sheep. Grace hands a small boy a gift.

Intertitle - On board the 'Rhodesia castle' bound for London by the East Coast route

The film shows busy docks, with ships being unloaded.

Intertitle - Lourenco Marques, Mozambique

They make a tour of the city, including the Cathedral Na Sa Concei? and the Igreja church, an art gallery and the Jardim Vasco da Gama. They are then back on board a ship, filming the waves as the film comes to an end.