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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace made of a tour of Africa. Starting in Kampala, the tour includes Entebbe, the Queen Elizabeth Nature Park, the Amboseli Reserve, the Ngorongoro Crater, Victoria Falls and other game reserves.

Intertitle - The story of a 4 month Journey through 11 Game Reserves & 8 Countries in Africa

The planned journey is marked out on a map.

Intertitle - London Prologue

A group of Africans pose for the camera in front of Buckingham Palace.

Intertitle - Dawn next morning - 35,000ft over the Southern Sudan, en route to Entebbe in Uganda

The flight over and landing are filmed.

Intertitle - First Impressions of Kampala - Capital of Uganda

Grace looks out from their hotel window onto the street below and an impressive white colonial building. They tour the city, filming the buildings, streets, a market, native flowers and local people. They visit a village school and a mosque. The next stage of the journey is shown on a map. They take a VW tour bus filming tourists standing before sign indicating the line of the equator. There is a sign for the Tropic Inn, Masaka. They visit the Queen Elizabeth Nature Park, showing close ups of birds and African woman and children outside a hut.

Intertitle - Next morning we go down from Mureya Lodge to the Kazinga Channel

The sun rises over a lake. Grace leaves one of the reserve's chalets. They take a boat trip on the lake passing buffalo, pelicans, elephants, hippos and other wild animals. The group of tourists pose for the camera.

Intertitle - South to the Congo Border in Search of Lions in Trees

They take a ferry across the lake and continue on their tour, passing herds of antelope. They stop and show a close-up of a lioness sleeping in a tree. They stop at the Mountains of the Moon Hotel with men working in the fields and women carrying pots on their heads, standing to pose for the camera.

Intertitle - Paraa Lodge, near Murchison Falls on Victoria Nile

A sign warns of the wild elephants. There is a beautiful orange sunset. An African tribesman with a spear, shield and large feathered hat dances for the camera. They take a boat trip past sleeping hippos, alligators and elephants towards a waterfall. The next day they visit the waterfall.

Intertitle - Back to Entebbe on Lake Victoria

Grace takes a walk around the well-kept grounds of their hotel overlooking the lake. A pig is being roasted over a spit. Some people play golf as they film the local trees and plants. They board a plane, filming the take-off, showing the wheels being retracted. They land at Nairobi Airport and take a tour of the city, showing 'Woolworths', the 'New Stanley Hotel, University College Nairobi, and other sights.

Intertitle - En Route to Amboseli from Nairobi

The next stage of their journey is shown on a map. There are giraffes and locals pose for the camera.

Intertitle - Amboseli Reserve, in the Masai Country, is at the foot of Africa's highest mountain -Kilimanjaro (19,340ft)

The mountain is seen in the distance.

Intertitle - 6am excursion

Grace comes out of a wooden hut and heads towards the bus. They take a tour of the reserve filming in close up zebras, lions, rhinos, elephants, and many other wild animals. They visit Tanganyika, filming local people in their daily lives.

Intertitle - The Ngorongoro crater has an area of 102 sq. miles at an altitude of 5,500ft, but the rim, on which the Safari Lodge stands, rises unbroken to over 8000ft

From the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge they look out onto the crater. They take a tour of the reserve in a jeep, again filming the wildlife; and also a dust storm and a remote village. A truck runs off the road and other vehicles stop to help.

Intertitle - Lake Manyara Hotel is built on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, overlooking a forest Game Reserve between the escarpment & the lake

The group look out on the valley from a hotel with swimming pool. They again tour the area, and visit a town and its market. They cross the border into Tanzania.

Intertitle - To Treetops - 100miles north of Nairobi, via Nyeri and Outspan Hotel

They go up a camouflaged tree house to observe the wildlife, one man with a shotgun. There is a plaque commemorating Elizabeth II's stay on the night of Feb. 5th 1952, the day before her father, King George VI, died. They visit Saint Peter's Anglican Church.

Intertitle - Nairobi to Livingstone in Zambia, and the Victoria Falls

They board a flight which takes them to Victoria Falls where there is the Livingstone Centre. Grace feeds a monkey and looks at some very large trees.