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An amateur mystery drama by members of the Tees-Side Cine Club, filmed around the Cleveland countryside.

The film shows a young man and his girlfriend having an evening out enjoying drinks with friends. The young man is taken ill and although he recovers goes to his doctor, and explains what happened. The doctor prescribes some medicine and advises him to take things easy. At home on a farm he is bored and restless, a group of ramblers pass by and invite him to join them on their walk. The farmer is concerned that his son shouldn't exert himself, but the son joins the walk in any case. they walk through the Cleveland countryside close to the farm where he lives. They take a break and have a picnic. He tells a girl in the group about life on the farm. Later separated from the main group, the young man is taken ill. In a confused state he walks into the middle of the road, as a car approaches. The young man seems to recover, but a mysterious woman in white beckons to him to follow her. After walking through fields the young man is invited to watch a mysterious tableau of dancers and actors. The woman goes to leave the young man, after imparting some devastating news. The film shows the walkers talking about the sudden death of one of their companions. The young man had been struck by the car and been killed.

Title: Tees-Side Cine Club superimposed onto the image of a cine projector.

Title: Adventure In Q – Directed By Wilf Shaw, Filmed By Wilf Maxwell

The film opens with a group of musicians including a drummer, a trumpet player, a guitar player, a saxophone player performing in a restaurant or nightclub where the patrons are all in evening dress and are dancing to the band’s music. Others are at eating tables around the dance area.

A couple who have been dancing join another couple at table. The young man who has joined the table checks his pocket watch.

The film cuts to the band again. Firstly a drum roll, then trumpet, guitar and clarinet follow, The dancing continues. The two couples who were at table get up to dance.

The camera shows another couple who are watching the dancing. One of the couples who was at the table earlier join this other couple at their table. The young man at the table pours them a drink. The other couple from the first table also join them.

The next shot shows all of them enjoying a meal.

A shot of the band playing, follows. One of the young men who joined their friends table appears to be unwell and rubs his brow.

A view of his girlfriend with a superimposed intertitle –

Title: Give Him A Drink.

The unwell young man refuses a drink offered to him.

A collage of shots showing the band follows, each one superimposed on the next.

The girlfriend speaks…

Title: Had’nt(sic) We Better Get Him To The Doctor

The young man rubs his brow once again, and nods his head, emphasising how unwell he is feeling.

The film cuts to the young man in a doctor’s consulting room, explaining his symptoms.

The young man bangs the side of his head with his hand, as if to illustrate the severity of his headache. The doctor listens intently, followed by a brief jump cut to a farmhouse seen in the distance across fields.

The film cuts back to the consulting room. The doctor nods his head as he listens to his patient. The doctor begins to talk. He walks over to the young and pats him on the shoulder.

Title: You’ll Soon Get Used To It, Take It Easy.

The doctor goes into his pharmacy. He consults a ledger and prepares some medicine. He wraps the medicine up and gives it to his patient. They shake hands. The film cuts to the view of the farmhouse and a view of a wheat field. A horse drawn harvester, cuts the crop. Stooks are shown in a field.

The young man appears to be talking to a farmer or farmhand. He is pointing to something in the distance, as if to say that he’d like to be out on the hills.

The film cuts back to the farmer…

Title: You Must Take Things Easy Yet (Sic).

A group of ramblers stop at a farm gate. One of them comes through the gate and approaches the young man and the farmer. The film cuts back to the group studying a map. It then cuts back to the rambler talking to the young man. The rambler shakes the young man's hand. The group are still at the farm gate. The rambler inside the farm beckons to the others to come through. The group enter the farm. They start talking to the young man. The rambler who introduced himself to the young man at first invites him to join in the walk.

Title: Why Not Come With Us

The young man nods his head, then look towards the farmhouse in the distance as the farmer walks towards it. The others persuade him to join in. He walks off to catch up with the farmer [his father?]. The farmer puts a hand on his shoulder and nods his head, trying to dissuade the young man from joining in. The young man continues towards the farmhouse. The film cuts back to the group adjusting their rucksacks, brushing hair and tightening laces on their boots. Eventually the young man returns and joins the group as they continue on their walk.

The farmer rubs his chin, looking concerned as the group moves off.

[Reel 2]

This film begins with a view of a group of people on a walking trip. They are silhouetted against the skyline as they make their way across the hills.

The walkers approach a warning notice, which says that the cut they are about to walk through is liable to subsidence.

One of the walkers is reluctant to proceed along the cut. She leaves them and walks back from where they came. However the rest of the group continues climbing higher up the hill. In a wooded area they settle down to have a picnic.

A girl in the group asks the young man…

Title: What Is The Trouble John?

He replies…

Title: Well, How Do You Like Farming?

The film fades out as he starts to tell a story about farming.

The next shot appears to be of the farmhouse where he lives, from a distance. This is followed by a view of Roseberry Topping, then a shot of a horse drawn harvester. The film fades up to John as he concludes his story.

The film cuts to the group preparing to leave their picnic spot. They pack the picnic equipment into rucksacks and they set off to continue their walk. They follow their path through woodland and across hillsides, and down farm tracks.

They stop off at a stream and John, and one of the girls from the group look down from a bridge which crosses it. [Location might be Sheepwash, North Yorkshire.]

The other members of the group wash their hands in the stream. They continue on their way. They walk down a farm track to a gate, through the gate and continue until they reach another gate. This time they are continue down a road. John and one of the girls walk away from the camera.

Suddenly John is taken ill and has to sit down on a grass verge. The girl sits next to him. John rubs his face and head, he then stands and walks to the centre of the road.  The girl examines a small bottle she has taken from her rucksack, they contain pills which may help John. However a car approaches from the distance and John is still in the middle of the road. He seems oblivious to the approaching car.

A mysterious woman dressed in white approaches John and touches him on the shoulder. She takes him by the arm and beckons him to go with her. They cross a stile into a field. They continue hand in hand across fields, lanes and through woods until they come to a small gate into a field. John points to something in the distance.

The film continues through a number of fantasy sequences, involving children in ballet costume dancing in a ring around John and the mysterious woman. They seem to be behind some [superimposed] white pillars. John and his mysterious companion sit down on the floor to watch the tableau.

Other characters in costume appear– an aircraft pilot, a Scotsman, a chef etc. A trio of women appear talking amongst themselves. A girl ballerina dances in front of the other figures. The mysterious companion gets up to leave, John tries to stop her.

Title: I Must Leave You Now [over a picture of the mysterious companion].

A shot of John…

Title: There Is No Going Back

A shot of the white lady who nods her head in agreement.

John looks around while the ghostly image of the white lady merges into the tableau. He follows her. She approaches what appears to be a wall. John appears to shout after her, perhaps to ask her name.

She turns round…

Title: My Other Name Is

Title: Death

John looks startled and puts his hands on his body as if to check that he still alive.

The woman’s figure disappears into the wall

The film changes and we are back with the remaining group of walkers who are standing outside the farm gate seen earlier, when John joined the group.

One of the group is recounting the tale of an accident which killed one of their members, which was John.

Title: We Were Walking Along The Road.

Cut to the group walking…

Title: John & Marjory Were A Little Way Behind.

The film flashes back to Marjory and John sitting on the grass verge. John gets up and walks to the centre of the road. The car approaches at speed. The driver tries to brake to avoid John, but John is knocked down and the next shot shows him lying beneath the car.

The film fades back to the member of the walking group recounting what had happened.

Title: Death Must Have Been Instantaneous!

The assembled group pay homage to John by removing their hats and making the sign of the cross.

Title: End.