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Spoof film made by members of the Tees-Side Cine Club based in Middlesbrough, which parodies the Sherlock Holmes crime dramas.  Scenes for the film were shot in various parts of Cleveland, North Yorkshire, including Great Ayton, Great Broughton, Kilton Wood, and Middlesbrough. The Jet Miners Inn, Great Broughton, and Hush’s Pawnbrokers shop, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, feature prominently in the film as locations. It was written and produced in 1931 by Kate Brown, wife of Tom H. Brown, and photographed by Wilf Maxwell. Tom Brown takes the principal acting part as the detective, Darelock Bones, and also plays the Mayor. His father, Tom Brown Senior, plays the part of Dr Darling, and his wife, Mabel Brown, plays the Mayor’s Wife.

Part 1 Credits: Tees-Side Cine Club

Title: The Adventure of The Kiltoun Cup. A Burlesque

Credits: Written and Produced By Kate E. Brown Photography Wilf Maxwell

Title: The Stars

Title: Mariane Dark-Eyed Daughter of Dr Darling.

The character Mariane poses for the camera and flickers her eyelashes in an exaggerated manner.

Title: Cecil Sissiboy, Marianne’s Hero.

The character Cecil Sissiboy, a gentleman with monocle and fake moustache poses for the camera.

Title: Lurid Lulu And The Villains.

The character Lurid Lulu, a young woman in bonnet, holding a very long cigarette holder, poses for the camera. The film switches to the two characters playing the villains who scowl and glare at camera. Both wear large false moustaches and hats. One villain tweaks his moustache.

Title: Darelock Bones, The Sly Sleuth.

Tom H. Brown poses for the camera as Darelock Bones, in classic Sherlock Holmes detective style with pipe and magnifying glass.

Title: Dr Watto, His Well Known Crony.

The character Dr Watto appears peering around a door, wearing round-framed glasses, a false moustache and sideburns, and a bowler hat. He tweaks his moustache.

Title: Abraham, The Innkeeper’s Son

The character Abraham is dressed in hat and rustic shirt, dirty face and eyebrows that meet in the middle. He poses in a shifty manner.

Title: Also Dr Darling, The Squire & His Lady, An Elderly Spinster, A Farmer.

Tom Brown Senior poses as Dr. Darling.

Title: Kiltoun Golf Competition.

Title: All Square At The Last Green.

A woman golfer in glasses takes a swing at a golf ball and misses the hole. Another woman golfer, Marianne, gets a hole in one and wins the tournament. The crowd applauds enthusiastically and moves across to congratulate Marianne. The characters Lurid Lulu and the two villains are left beside the golf course. The losing player looks sad. The film switches to a view of the two woman players. The loser claps as the crown approaches to gather round Marianne. Lurid Lulu and the villains are seen pointing and plotting at the side of the golf course. The winner and crowd are then pictured at the presentation of the Kiltoun Cup. Tom Brown, in character as the Mayor, starts his speech to present the cup. Cecil Sissiboy looks on. He smokes a cigarette. The cigarette burns down. The Mayor continues with his presentation speech. The winner moves to take the Kiltoun Cup but the Mayor continues to hold the trophy. The Mayor looks at his watch and resumes his long speech. Cecil Sissiboy smokes another cigarette. We see lots of cigarette stubs on the ground. The Mayor finally hands the cup to his wife. The Cup is presented to the winner. The winner is carried away on the shoulders of two men. The crowd follows. At the rear, Lurid Lulu and the two villains stalk the crowd.

Marianne, Cecil Sissiboy with golf clubs, and Dr. Darling walk down a Middlesbrough street. They enter Dr. Darling’s terraced house. Lurid Lulu and the villains arrive at the house and read the engraved sign. The villain writes down the address.

Title: Came The Dawn Of A New Day.

The farmer stumbles out of the stables, tripping over a bucket. He makes his way to the house of Dr. Darling MD Physician. He knocks on the door. The doctor opens the door in nightgown and nightcap. Abraham gestures up the road, asking the doctor to come quickly. The doctor appears with his Gladstone bag, dressed in a hurry and still sporting a nightcap. Woodworking tools fall out of his bag. They hurry off down the street. The key is left in the door. The two villains and Abraham watch them leave. The villains push Abraham into the house and wait outside, rubbing their hands. Abraham leaves the house having stolen the Kiltoun Cup.

Title: Came Another Dawn, In Middleton.

Darelock Bones and Dr Watto are having tea outside. Darelock Bones reads Poultry World. He spots an article in the newspaper and points it out to Dr Watto.

Title: 'The Kiltoun Cup Was Stolen Yesterday.'

Darelock Bones looks at his mail. He opens a letter. The letter reads: 'stolen. So Marianne has promised to marry me if I track down the thieves. Please help me. Yours sincerely, Cecil Sissiboy.' Darelock Bones and Dr Watto leave their house and open the garage. Nothing is there. A tandem magically appears. They ride off in a shaky and comic manner, weaving around in the road. The film shows the country view from the moving tandem.

Title: Kiltoun Village.

There is a view of the exterior of Jet Miners Inn, Great Broughton, Cleveland. Darelock Bones and Dr Watto arrive at the inn on the tandem. They sit outside, mop their brows, and order beers. Abraham serves them drinks.

Title: 'So This Is Where The Dirty Deed Was Done Eh?'

Abraham looks a little guilty when asked about the theft of the Kiltoun Cup. Darelock Bones and Dr Watto nod at each other. They drink down their beers. Abraham runs off to tell Lurid Lulu who is sitting on a tree behind the inn, showing her garters and smoking from her long cigarette holder in a vampish manner.

Title: 'The Tecs Are Here.'

Abraham is in a flap. Lurid Lulu stretches slowly. Abraham lifts her down from the tree. She performs a seductive walk across the courtyard. She walks out of Jet Miners Inn, stops at the table where Darelock Bones and Dr Watto are drinking, says a few words and walks on.

Title: End of Reel 1. Reel 2 Follows.

Part 2

Title: Came Still Another Dawn.

Title: The Thieves’ Kitchen.

The light fades in and out on the setting of an old abandoned farm building. The villains, Abraham and Lurid Lulu are outside the building. Lurid Lulu enters the room where the Kiltoun Cup is hidden. They examine the cup. Darelock Bones is on the trail to the old farm. He stops at a gate. Kilton Wood is in the background. He discovers a clue with his magnifying glass. There are footprints in the mud. He sneaks up beside the farm and peaks at the gang of thieves around the corner. He sneezes. The gang are alerted. Abraham hides the cup. Darelock Bones walks around the corner, greets the gang, and leaves.

Title: That Afternoon.

Darelock Bones and Dr Watto are outside the Jet Miners Inn with empty beer glasses.

Title: I Go To Get The Cup This Afternoon.

The villains spy on them from behind the hedge at the inn and overhear their plans. The villains leave. Darelock Bones arrives at the farm that afternoon. The villains jump out and overpower him. They tie him up and leave him unconscious in the building. The scene switches to Dr Watto, who is sitting at the inn reading “Boys Companion.” He looks at his watch. Dr Watto arrives at the farm. He finds Darelock Bones and frees him. Darelock Bones discovers a clue on the ground.

Title: A Clue!

They run off. Back at the Jet Miners Inn, Darelock Bones and Dr Watto collect the tandem and ride off down Great Broughton High Street in a much more synchronised fashion. There are views of the route out of the village and the countryside. Darelock Bones and Dr Watto ride frantically in pursuit of the thieves.

The scene switches to the sign 'Hush’s Pawnbrokers' in Corporation Road, Middlesbrough. An open top 1930s car is parked outside the business. Abraham and Lurid Lulu are waiting in the car. Abraham makes a pass at Lulu but is rebuffed. Darelock Bones and Dr Watto arrive on the tandem. They hide round the corner at Hush’s Pawnbrokers. Darelock Bones pulls out a gun.

A policeman sneaks a cigarette whilst on duty. The police inspector arrives and tells him off. The policeman points at an incident off screen and the two race off. They join Darelock Bones and Dr Watto and arrest Abraham and Lurid Lulu outside Hush’s. Lurid Lulu flirts with Dr Watto, impressed by the gun he is holding. Darelock Bones exits Hush’s with the Kiltoun cup. The two villains leave Hush’s under arrest. The police drive away the gang of thieves. Darelock Bones and Dr Watto leave on the tandem with the Kiltoun Cup tied round Darelock’s neck. Cecil Sissiboy gets on his knee and presents the cup to Marianne, watched by Darelock Bones, Dr Watto and Dr Darling. Marianne kisses Cecil Sissiboy, and then Darelock Bones. Both men swoon. Dr Watto fails to get a kiss and looks dejected.

Title: 'What Did You Pick Up Outside The Ruined House?'

Darelock Bones pulls out a large pawn pin from his pocket, the clue that led them to Hush’s Pawnbrokers and the guilty thieves.

Title: A Special Type of Pawnpin Only Used By Hush’s.

Darelock Bones waves the pawn pin in front of Dr Watto’s nose.

End Title: Elementary My Dear Watto El-E-Mentary.

A final shot of a smug Darelock Bones with Dr Watto.

End credit: ‘A Teeside Ciné Club Production’

Note: This film was probably first screened at a miniature "movie" house fitted out by the Teesside Cine Club at the end of Haymore Street, Middlesbrough. Believed to be the only permanent amateur cinema in the North. The film was introduced by Mr. W. Maxwell on its opening night.