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YFA 1760



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This is the sixth of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his son, Adrian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers Adrian’s 9th, 10th, and 11th birthdays, his first day at secondary school, marching with the Cubs at Skipton Gala Christmas, and playing rugby.

The film begins showing the cards for Adrian’s 9th birthday.  Adrian lights the candles on the cake, and he and his friends sit around the table, along with his sister Gillian, to eat.  The film switches to show some small children pulling sledges up a snowy hill at the back of their house, and then sliding down on them.

Next Adrian is out walking with his dad in the Yorkshire Dales in summer.  The entrance to the Storyville guest house in Blackpool can be seen, with a sign for local comedian, Jack Storey (the owner), who comes out with the family to pose for the camera.

The film switches to show the birthday cards for Adrian’s 10th birthday, and then the family out at a pond where Adrian is operating a radio controlled model boat.   Next they are on a light aircraft flying over Blackpool, passing the Tower.

The film switches to Skipton Gala, filmed, opposite the fish and chip shop and Trinity Methodist Church on Sackville Street, showing people in fancy dress, the Skipton Charities Gala Queen – Cynthia, Pat and Christine.  Cubs pick up coins which have been thrown into the road for charity. One participant is dressed as Quasimodo, followed by the Spartan Brass Band.  Adrian goes past marching with the Cubs.  Then come some vintage cars, followed by Gargrave Road Methodist Church Junior Missionary Queen for 1967.  The woman in the passenger seat of the lorry recognises the cameraman and waves.  We are then at the woman’s home, where many children and adults have gathered.  She appears to be conducting some sort of light-hearted activity.

Adrian is shown heading off for school, with a satchel over his back, presumably his first day at Secondary school.  Cards for his 11th birthday can be seen as well as the table ready for the birthday party.  Children come to sit round and eat at the table, passing around the Robinson’s squash.  They are then visiting an airfield where there is a display of aircraft.  Then it switches to a school rugby match, with one team in hoops (green/ blue), and the other in white shirts.  Holy Trinity Church Skipton can be seen in the distance. Then Adrian and Gillian are sitting on some rocks by the sea, while Mrs Walton, in sunglasses, sits taking in the sun.  There is a sign for Housesteads Roman Fort, and they walk along Hadrian’s Wall.  The film finishes back by the sea.