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YFA 1759



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This is the fifth of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his son, Adrian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers Adrian’s 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th birthdays.  It also shows his first day at school, marching with the Cubs at Skipton Gala Christmas, and visiting Jodrell Bank.

The film begins with Adrian’s 5th birthday, where the candles are lit on the birthday cake, and the table is set with trifle and jelly.  Adrian blows out the candles and children, all wearing paper hats, sit and eat.  Next the children are out in the garden playing.  Then it is Adrian’s first day at school.  He is taken to, and then collected from, his school.  At home he looks through his birthday cards and is then seen out clambering among some rocks in the countryside, and playing with a ball with his gran.  They walk through a churchyard.  Back home Adrian gets excited by his present, a peddle car, which he goes around the garden in accompanied by his little sister, Gillian. He opens up the bonnet and the boot.

The next part of the film opens with a collection of birthday cards for when he is 6 and 7.  He is next out in the garden playing with other children. They are called into the house for the birthday party.  They sit around the table and tuck into the treats, including sausages on a stick.  Adrian lights the candles on the birthday cake and they go back out to play again in the garden.  Adrian and Gillian play on a home-make slide and then Adrian rides his new bike, whilst Gillian rides a tricycle.  Then onto Adrian’s 8th birthday (colour goes very red).  Again the children play in the garden, and again the candles are lit on the birthday cake. The children pick apples off a tree.

The film switches to show Adrian sat on a rock at a small coastal resort with a fishing net.  Back at home Adrian and Gillian carry out some tree branches down to a communal bonfire in the woods for fireworks night.  There is a fireworks display with a Catherine Wheel and other fireworks.  The film switches again to Adrian and Gillian out on the moors with a man, when it starts to snow and they have to shelter behind a stone wall, before quickly setting off again.

Then back home, in summer, Adrian comes out of the house in his cubs uniform and salutes to the camera.  A group of Cubs stand in a road waiting for some boxes on wheels to be brought, which they then wheel to the Skipton Gala.  A float goes past proclaiming the Cubs as ‘50 years young, 1915-1965’.  They are then shown marching on the parade, along with the Scouts and others.  Other floats go past, including one depicting a Chambers of Horrors.  They make their way through the town.

The film then switches to show a board with the opening times for Jodrell Bank.  Inside Adrian looks up at the large radio dish (possibly just after the opening of the Mk. II telescope in 1964).  The film finishes showing around the telescope dish.