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YFA 1758



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This is the fourth of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his son, Adrian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers Adrian’s 3rd and 4th birthdays, Christmas, and sledging in the snow.

The film begins with Adrian outside of the family home.  His grandad puts him on his motorbike, wearing a helmet and motorcycle gauntlets.  He then rides his tricycle in the street and in the garden, at one point wearing the helmet and motorcycle gauntlets whilst riding.  Adrian then does some raking in the garden and helps his dad mow the lawn.  He plays with two girls who swing him around.  Next Adrian is out with his family on Baildon Moor, where he is again swung around, this time by adults.

Next there is footage of cards and cake for Adrian’s 3rd birthday.  Then he is playing with a small model sailing boat on a park pond with his mother.  Next he is looking at Christmas cards on the wall, before he is filmed fast asleep.  He wakes up and has a bath, and his dad blow dries his hair and puts his pyjamas on.  Following this, he is with his family sledging in the snow down a hill near their house.  Some of this is filmed from the sledge as it slides down the hill.  Adrian is playing in the garden with some other children and riding a new tricycle.

Indoors he plays with a toy car, and then we see him blowing out the candles on his 4th birthday cake.  The table is set out with sandwiches, cakes and trifle.

He gets a Rustler Cheyenne Sharp Shooter rifle for a present, which he takes out and plays with.  Then we see Adrian’s mother in the garden helping his small sister, Gillian, to take a few steps, with other members of the extended family.  Adrian is then shown asleep in bed before the film finishes with him out in the garden stoking a fire.