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YFA 1757



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This is the third of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his son, Adrian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers Adrian’s 2nd birthday, a flight over Blackpool, Christmas at home, and at Scarborough in the summer of 1958.

The film begins with Adrian out on the moors in a harness with his gran; men are putting out a fire in the field behind the house in Steeton. The family help by filling buckets of water.  The fire brigade arrive and try to beat the fire out. The film then moves to Baildon Moor where others are parked up, with children on bicycles, and someone is flying a model aircraft.  Adrian sites in the car with his gran having an ice cream.  He is then in the back garden playing with various sized balls, before the family are shown out on a motor boat going along a river, and then taking an airplane ride over Blackpool, past the tower.

Next they visit a park, where Adrian goes on the rocking horse, swings, and a slide.  Back home he has a horse on wheels.  Adrian chases the chicks in their chicken coop.  On his 2nd birthday Adrian has lots of cards, and pushes a tricycle.  He then fills up a top loading washing machine with clothes, before playing with a train set.  The family have a trip out to the countryside and then, back in their garden, Adrian helps make a fire.  Back to Baildon Moor, where Adrian plays with a ball with his grandad, back again loading the washing and then back out walking in some fields with his grandad, looking at some pigs.

At home at Christmas time Adrian attempts to blow up a balloon.  The living room wall is dotted with Christmas cards.  Adrian gets out his fold-up bath and erects it before washing himself with a sponge in the bath.  He is next seen excitedly jumping up and down in his pyjamas.  On Christmas day he looks at all his toys with his grandparents, and puts on his new slippers.  He is next outside in the snow with his grandad, before the film switches to the beach at Scarborough where the children go for a donkey ride.