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YFA 1755



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This is the first of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his son, Adrian, from birth through childhood.  This film his first year, including his christening.

Title – Adrian Stephen Walton        August 31st 1956

A nurse carries Adrian out of the maternity hospital at Skipton General Hospital to the waiting family car and passed to his mother.  Adrian is held by a woman neighbour who comes across the road on their arrival home.  Others also hold the baby, including grandma, while in the back garden there is a long line of washing.  Mother changes his nappy, bathes him and bottle feeds him in front of a coal fire.  Adrian is shown sitting on a chair, lying on the floor and being rocked to sleep by his mother.  A cake is shown for Adrian’s christening, and he is with all the family outside a church.  He is later held by his parents in the front room at Christmas time, with cards on string pinned onto the wall along their wedding photograph.

Adrian lies in his pram with a teething ring and has a bottle of juice, before playing with some newspaper.  He is then fed some solids, and has a laugh as he gets bounced up and down by his dad.  They take him to see his aunt and he lies in his pram.  They go for a drive out to the country in their Morris Minor.  Grandad takes him for a walk along the road with his dog.  The film ends with grandma carrying Adrian around the garden to see the flowers.