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YFA 3474



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The following is made up of three films including:
Halifax Crematorium Progress (1954-1956)
The Deputy Chief Constable Receives the Police Medal (c. 1957)
Halifax Cine Club Newsreel (1961-1962)

Title - Crematorium Progress

(Black & White) The new crematorium is being built in Halifax. Here workers can be seen digging the foundation and pouring the cement parameters.

Title - September 28th Laying of foundation stone Halifax Crematorium

Gathered around the foundation stone is a crowd as well as the Lord Mayor and clergymen. Different officials and various members of the church give speeches before the official laying of the stone. The stone itself reads: This stone was laid by Alderman John Oddy J.P. on 28th September, 1954.

Title - Park Wood Crematorium Open by the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Verulm. M.A. J.P. President of the Cremation Society 6th November 1956

(Colour) Now two years later, the crematorium is complete. There are exterior shots of the crematorium from a distance as well as closer to the new building. The camera then moves inside documenting all the newly furnished rooms. The d?cor of the crematorium is very much that of modern 1950s style. In the entrance way there is a dedication plaque. The doors then open automatically to reveal the chapel. In the chapel there is a small alter in front and seats lined up in rows filling the rest of the room. There is also a Book of Remembrance to sign for those who are attending the service. The final room shown is possibly a waiting room which looks quite like a lounge or living room having a few chairs and a centre table.

(Black & White) The film opens with the Halifax city streets. The streets are full of traffic, and people can be seen crossing the street in between the cars.

Title - October 26th The Deputy Chief Constable receives the Police Medal from the Rt Hon the Earl of Scarborough.

The Deputy Chief Constable gets out of a car, marked POLICE on the front, and which is parked near the building in which the ceremony is to take place. He, as well as many other policemen, enters the building. Others arrives, some stand outside for a bit, and eventually all make their way in for the ceremony. Inside, the presentation of the medal takes place. The Earl reads a speech and presents the medal to the Deputy Chief. The ceremony ends with the Deputy Chief standing in front of all the other policemen in attendance. All facing the podium, they salute for the camera. (Here the Deputy Chief's face is whited-out and hard to see due to a poor quality transfer.)