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This film is a newsreel made in 1960 for the Royal Air Force Association and its charities at the Stockton and Thornaby branches. Events included in this film are committee meetings ,a cricket match, time at the local pub, a Balloon Race, Battle of Britain Week, parade and ceremony, many rally races, and a New Year's Eve party.

Title - Adastra Newsreel - June 27th - Committee Meeting

A man in a grey suit sits at a conference desk. He is speaking to men in the room who are also dressed suits. Some of the men in the meeting are smoking cigarettes and pipes. On a table is a pint of ale and documents: Zewton Aycliffe - Tuesday 14th July

Title - June 26th Cricket - R.A.F.A Stockton versus Stanley Branch

On a large playing field, a cricket match is taking place. Spectators stand outside the cricket club house. A man wearing a suit sits with the spectators, and there are substitutes on a bench filling out a form. As the cricket players walk away from the pitch, a girl in a blue dress runs up to one of the players and hugs him. The team members clap the opposite team as they walk into the club house.

Title - The Regulars

On the table there is a trophy with the names of winning teams inscribed on the side. Next to a shield on the wall is a sign "This Weeks Raffle, Tickets 3d each, drawn 9:30pm on Sundays. Tickets may be bought anytime and left - with your name on the back - Behind the bar. Two winners in five do this with complete confidence." Underneath the sign is a stocking on a mannequin leg with a gold garter and a box filled with a variety of food prizes (Birds Custard Powder, Stork Butter, Lilly's Corned Beef, Rich Tea Fingers, Kraft Cheeses, Granny Dreams Fancy Assorted Biscuits, Rowntree's Jelly, tinned fruit, Bachelors Soup).

People sit at tables with their drinks, marking off the tickets as they win. A man calls out the winning tickets. A woman wearing a pink flower dress, pearls, and glasses stands behind the counter cleaning the work surfaces. In the bar a man places discs over numbers on a bingo board. Men and women sit together drinking, talking and smoking at the bar.

A Union Jack flag is sailing with a blue background and the RAF symbol. Sign hanging over the street (Balloon Race Competition - Stockton and Thornaby Branch, Proceeds Devoted to RAFA Charities). A market and fair fill the streets, and families walk around the various stalls. Children and adults buy balloons with tags on and release them into the air.

Poster - Royal Air Force Association, Present, Battle of Britain Week, Lucky programme No 0041, Stockton and Thornaby Branch No 565. Battle of Britain, Car Race Meeting, Sunday 11th September 1960 at 2:30pm

Many Cars drive down a large area of tarmac (Green Car PAJ 404). The cars pull up where a row of men are handing out tickets (black car VBT 428 - EKH 216). Two girls selling programmes stand at the side of the tarmac. The cars park beside each other in a field. A young man rides a silver motor bike with a blond girl riding on the back. The men at the ticket point wear arm bands (officer) and stand next to a table with two glass bottles (Blue car RHN 854). A man carrying a little girl buys a ticket from the officer at the desk. He is followed by other families who do the same. Two men and a woman stand near a table with Champaign prizes and trophies; one of the men is wearing an arm band (D and D M Steward). A man sits in a vintage car with a woman's figure on the bonnet, and men stand around a caravan where programmes are being sold (Bill Wright). Two men and two women stand by the caravan. There are also four men stand next to a blue van drinking beers (46130). The officers at the stand count out the tickets.


Two men kneel down next to a car and look at the engine (110). A car is driven along the road and a man in red overalls sits on the bonnet as it is driven (RKY 108). Three men look under the bonnet of a white car (47), and the driver of the silver car (138) rides on the track. A man starts the engine of his car by winding a leaver at the front of the bonnet (EF 256-141). The red car (142) is pushed by three men to get it started. A man uses a jack on his yellow car (NBT 641).

People begin to take their seats in the stadium as the cars are driven onto the race track and lined up at the starting line. Marshalls and spectators walk down the side of the track (REGENT).

A man stands at the side of the track on a bale of hay and waves a Union Jack flag to begin the race. The cars speed away from the starting line and race down the track. Spectators stand at various points around the track watching the cars race around the circuit. After many laps, the race comes to an end with the first cars to cross the finish line being 14, 4, and 2. The judges deliberate at the side of the track, and an announcement is made over the loud speaker. The brass band at the side of the track begins to play from their sheet music. The cars pull up to the star line, and a man holds up the number 2 on a score board. Outside a marquee, women serve refreshments including drinks, crisps, cakes and tea from brown tea pots.

A blue car has crashed at the side of the track during the race. Mechanics make improvements to their cars, and damaged cars are pushed away to be fixed. Cars line at the start post for another race, and spectators gather at the side of the race track. Once the drivers are ready, the marshal waves the Union Jack flag to start the race. The cars races from the start line off down the race track. Spectators stand at various points of the track watching the cars race. Car number 44 spins on the track and is pushed off the course. Marshalls help to start the car again. Spectators watch at the side of the track. Several cars roll up to the start line for another race next to a bus with a banner (REGENT PETROL). The cars begin the next race and crowds of spectators watch. A man in a suit hands out trophies and champagne to the winning drivers. The man in the suit waves and gets into a car to be driven away.

Crowds of people gather outside the high street shops (Timpson Smart Shoes and Colinwoods) next to an RAFA charity stand. Two boys stand next to a yellow rubber dinghy, and people give donations to a man holding a charity box, taking badges in return: Wings Day - Battle of Britain. A brass band, cadets, sailors, and other organisations march through the streets in a parade. They are followed by marching police officers. The Mayor and Mayoresss stand watching the parade. Once the members of the parade reach Robinsons, they turn and change direction. The clock tower displays 10:40am. The band members smoke cigarettes and clock tower (11:35am). The choir boys walk from the church building and assemble with the other members of the parade. A man lays a wreath of flowers as a ceremony is performed with flags, and the brass band performs with the choir. A crowd of people watch. After the ceremony, the parade led by the brass band continues down the street past (Hamilton's of Stockton and Clarke).

At a New Year's Eve party, men and women wearing evening clothes file into a hall with their partners. The guests are seated at several tables inside the hall for drinks and a meal. In the evening the couples dance together in the ball room while others sit at tables drinking. A man gives a speech, and a woman gives out a small red box and a cap. More dancing continues in the ball room which is decorated with colourful lights. People drink and have conversations at the tables. The band plays on the stage for the dancers. A man shakes hands with the Mayor, and the guests take part in a group dance in the ball room. The band plays on stage for the dancers and the people drinking at the tables. Women stand in long line blowing up balloons until the first one burst is the winner. Couples dance in the ball room. The guests line up together holding hands singing Old Lang Syne.

Cars race each other around a track, and crowds of people stand at the side of the racetrack watching the different cars. A red car goes around the track with a winning flag out the window.

Two triangle flags one red one blue flying up a mast next to a caravan site. There is a woman who carries a pale of water out of a caravan. A man and woman stand looking at the price of a caravan. Sign - Model 1960 Safari 4 Price £452 £48 Deposit

Cars line up at the starting point of the race track. The race begins and the cars speed off down the track. Crowds of people gather at the side of the race track watching the cars pass by, and the cars race for many laps until car 52 crosses the finish line first.