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YFA 2491



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This film is made up of three separate documentary films made by students at Trinity and All Saints College in Leeds in association with the Audio Visual Unit at Leeds University. The first film is about an environmental group getting publicity through Radio Leeds; the second is about two Salvation Army hostels in Leeds that help the homeless and women requiring help; and the third is about the process of brewing beer at Timothy Taylor's Brewery in Keighley.

The first film begins with an announcement from Radio Leeds, before a woman presenter explains the problems that 'action groups' have in getting their message across to the public. The film switches to four members of an anti-pollution group discussing the best way to communicate the issue of environmental pollution and its negative effect to the public. Various suggestions are put forward, including one to use the local radio. This suggestion gets criticised at first but then they decide to go to Radio Leeds for advice. At the BBC Radio Leeds they ask if they can use the station to promote a forthcoming event, and a reporter takes them outside near a busy road for an interview. The organiser of the group answers questions on the group and its activities. They then switch to editing, showing how the audio tape is edited. After hearing an excerpt from T Rex's 'Easy Action', the edited interview is then broadcast.

Credits: Special thanks to Carol Davies and BBC Radio Leeds
Production Team: Ann Gray, Donna Humphrey et al.

The next film begins with the Blood and Fire symbol of the Salvation Army. A Major in the Army answers the phone and is then interviewed about the Salvation Army. He explains that it goes where there is most need, to the less affluent of society. As he explains the work for the homeless the film shows one of their shelters, with dormitories and a canteen where users are served dinner. He explains that they also offer a counselling service, which is seen in action as one of the Salvation Army's counsellors questions a user about the tablets he is taking and whether he has attended St Mark's Alcoholic Unit. As the film shows users in the TV room, he also explains that they provide clean clothing.

The film then switches to the Women's Hostel in Leeds; for women with children who have either run away from abuse from partners or have ended up in financial hardship due to divorce. Here women sit in a dormitory with their children. A worker explains their work and the dissatisfaction with the facilities at the existing Mount Cross Centre, with insufficient rooms and nowhere for families to prepare their own food. Hostel workers play with some of the children. A woman makes a birthday cake in the kitchen and a user is interviewed, stating that without the Salvation Army there would be a lot of people sleeping out.

The final film starts with the symbol for Timothy Taylor, Maltsters and Brewerers. With the singing of a song in praise of Timothy Taylor's in the background, a man holding a pint explains that he is at their brewery in Keighley to explain the brewing process. As we see the brewery in the snow, a narrator explains that it buys the best malt, hops and sugar available. The different stages of the process are shown, from the mashing to the brewing, checking the gravity and the ph. level. The brewery takes its water from an artesian well underneath the brewery, which makes it unique. After racking in metal containers, the beer stands for 72 hours to settle. The film ends with the presenter having a drink and recommending Timothy Taylor's.