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This is a film which documents the brief history and restoration of Church Fenton during the mid 1960s including a dedication of the Children's Window to celebrate Miss May Horner's long period of devotion to Kirk Fenton Sunday School .

Title - An Act of Worship - A brief history of our Church and the restoration in 1966.
The Church of St. Mary Kirk Fenton
Photography and Sound by Frank and Heather
The new Children's Window designed and made in York by Harry W. Hervey.

Narrated by Ken Ford and Franklin Engleman

The film opens with a view of the York Minster from the city wall and includes shots of the Minster and the city rooftops from the top of the Minster. It is mystery play season in York, and actors are staged on wagons performing these medieval plays.
The film then moves to a church in Sherburn in Elmet before moving to St. Mary's in Kirk Fenton. The exterior of the church can be seen as well as the surrounding gardens and fields, with farmer Knaggs on a tractor. There are many old photos of the church and the village in comparison with these same places in present day.
A steam train approaches the platform of a station, and then continuing on its journey can be seen from a wheat field. There are additional shots of photographs/drawings of the old village in comparison with present day.  These include Vine Cottage in Nanny Lane, now demolished, and the old and new vicarage.
Sign - County of North Yorkshire Kirk Fenton Parochial School

This is a modern looking school in Kirk Fenton, and cherry blossoms as well as older looking cottages and houses are captured.
Restoration work begins on the church, and a small wooden model of the church has been made. A newspaper headline reads, "Church bells removed as safety measure." At the church, men load the church bells into the back of a truck to be taken away. The sign on the truck reads, John Taylor and Co Bellfundry, Loughborough.

Title - Help! Our Restoration

The grounds around the church are being cleaned up and landscaped as the grass is cut down. After a break for tea-time outside, cleaning inside begins including cleaning the windows, polishing the statues, and flower arrangements are put together by the ladies of the church.  The work is being supervised by the Rev. Harlow, with Mrs Holt polishing the brass eagle lectern.  There are some more interior shots of the church and various religious imagery. A group also gathers outside for a prayer service, with the vicar’s son, Vince Harlow, at the church gate with two girls.
At a Bring and Buy church sale, members of the parish are gathered for food, refreshments, games, and a raffle at the home of Mr and Mrs Banks Jones.

Title - End of Part One