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YFA 4634



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This film made by the West Yorkshire Police features surveillance footage (predominantly of traffic incidents) from in and around the West Riding Constabulary district, including Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Wakefield. There are also segments that show electronic breathalysers in use.

The film opens with children playing in a tree; one boy abseils down using a rope attached to a rubber tube. The boys are then shown cycling down a street, with one boy riding as a passenger on the back of the bike. A little girl then cycles past the camera on her bike. There are then shots from the interior of a car, with a windscreen continually fogging up.

In a police station, a female officer and a man wearing a cream suit sit at a breathalyser machine, called a 'Lion Intoximeter 3000', and the man in the cream suit breathes into the attached tube. They then wait for the reading, which is printed out on a slip. The female officer removes the slip and shows it to the man. A close up of the machine's display shows the name 'Thomas Brown', before there are close ups of the print out.

The next sequence shows a car in a ditch by the side of the road, and a police officer breathalyses the driver sitting in the back of a police car. From the interior, shots show a squad car following a man on a motorbike through Dewsbury city centre. The next passage briefly shows a stray dog running along a pavement by a busy street, before the police car follows another motorcyclist.

A lorry is parked badly in the middle of the road outside a grocery shop. The filmmaker then captures some parents waiting outside a school, with a close up of the school sign that reads, 'Cliff school - prepatory school, Wakefield'. There are then views of a motorway accident that show some quite horrific injuries. Officers on scene tend to the injured, and at one point a camera crew turn up. The filmmaker then captures firemen washing blood from the road and a view of child who was hit by a car.

The final sequence features myriad of contrasting scenes that feature badly parked lorries and trucks, a baptism, more views of traffic incidents, and finally a grave digger at work in a cemetery.