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NEFA 21344



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This amateur film documents the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) summer outing to the coast at Warkworth, Northumberland, on the 16th July 1933. Footage includes a jokey swimsuit parade, and filmmaking activities in the sand dunes.

Title: ACA Outing to Warkworth on 16 July, 1933

Title: Starting Out

A driver fixes a flag to the outside of a bus whilst a group with the cine club, Newcastle Amateur Cinematographers (ACA), gather on a Newcastle street for their trip to Warkworth in Northumberland, some of the men in trilbies. 

Title: Arrival at Warkworth

The bus with, sporting Truman bottled beers advertising, has arrived in Warkworth. Groups of men chat on the grass verge beside the bus stop. A woman walks towards camera along a garden walkway. The group of holiday makers rendezvous next to the bus, some carrying small leather suitcases.

Title: Settled Down

The cine club troupe are seated in the Warkworth sand dunes, chatting and eating, one of the women in a cloche hat.

Title: Perplexed Chairman

The Newcastle ACA Chairman, James Cameron Jnr., is sprawled on a picnic blanket on the grass, looking serious.

Title: Sun Bathing

In the group of cine club trippers, three of the women with bobbed hair are wearing striped woollen swimsuits as they lounge in the grass in the sunshine. Some of the men also wear all-in-one bathing suits, although one man is still dressed in his suit and a flat cap.

Portrait shots of the three women in striped swimwear, smiling up at the camera. A group portrait shot of the three women laying languidly in the sun, laughing at being filmed.

Title: Lunch Time

All the group are seated on grass-topped low cliffs (?) wearing summer frocks and swimsuits, the beach in the background.

Title: Parade in Costume

Some of the men and women begin to parade past camera in their swimsuits, jokily staging a parade, much to the delight of the rest of their friends still seated on the cliff top.

Title: Beach Games

Down on the sandy Warkworth beach, one of the amateur women filmmakers shoots film of three of the cine club members. The men and women are paired up for a fun three-legged race. Staged in the dunes, one of the male cine club filmmakers films three of the women, one after the other, jumping down the sand dune towards the camera.

Title: A Cooler!

The men and women in swimsuits jump into the waves and surf in the sea, larking about, some wearing swim hats. They join hands in a ring and attempt a dance.

Title: Yet Another

The cine club trippers gather around an ice-cream vendor’s pony and cart. One woman takes a lick from two ice cream cones she’s holding.

Title: Even the Horse had a Cornet

The horse licks its lips after being fed ice-cream, then a portrait shot of the horse ends the film, the beach and dunes in the background.