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NEFA 21391



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This is a compilation reel of miscellaneous footage shot by members of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers’ Association (ACA). The film includes home movie footage of James Cameron and family. Cameron was a founder member of the cine club in 1927. The remaining sequences mostly document Newcastle ACA filmmaking activities, including an outing to Jedburgh Abbey and the Flodden Monument in Northumberland.

James Cameron enjoys tea in the garden with family and pet dog.

As part of an ACA production, a fully clothed man, possibly Ian Davidson, clings to a cardboard box in the sea off a rocky coastline, using it to swim to a floating dinghy nearby. He reaches the dinghy and tries to get into it, unsuccessfully. In the next shot, he climbs onto the rocks, dripping wet in his overcoat.

The next sequence documents the shooting of a scene from a Newcastle & District ACA amateur film production in a studio set up of a castle bedroom chamber. The director gives directions whilst smoking a cigarette. The cast of men and women are casually gathered around a Queen in a bed, all dressed in medieval costumes. A woman checks some of the actresses’ medieval headdress. The group laugh uproariously. Standing next to a studio light, one of the production crew, also smoking a cigarette, checks a meter reading, whilst another man pulls across a fake castle wall on set. An actor in princely garb sticks a button sweet to the Queen’s makeshift crown as decoration and continues to eat sweets from the packet as he checks the crown. A camera dolly is used in a shot during filming.

Cars and a coach are parked up at the side of a road in Northumberland, possibly during a rally. A portly man walks across the road back to one of the cars. [Peter Keys] Cars drive through Jedburgh market place, rounding the corner at the Clock Tower with its arch entrance to Bridewell Jail. Views of Jedburgh Abbey ruins follow. A Newcastle & District ACA member, Dave Watson, is filming close-ups of flowers in the abbey graveyard.

Cine club members are on an outing in the Northumbrian countryside, trekking across fields to the Flodden Monument, a granite cross at the top of Pipers Hill (Stock Law), near Branxton, Cornhill-on-Tweed. Here they begin to shoot film of the memorial with their cine cameras. A group of female members (or members’ wives) watch the filming, one or two with cameras. They laugh as they too are caught on film.

General views of fields, mountains in the distance, and shots of dark clouds in the sky. Men and women wander around a field where a few caravans are parked, and a family picnics on the grass.

The last shot is of scaffolding surrounding a tower [unidentified].