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Compilation of outtakes and trims from various films produced by George Cummin with members of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) between 1952 and 1967. Also contains brief production scenes from two ACA productions: “A Fishing Tale” and “Sound Effects”.

Title: Odds and Ends

[Colour footage]

General views of a record shop named Bachelor and a train passing on the railway line bordering Brentwood Avenue and Holmwood Grove in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A selection of intertitles follows.

Title: The End an ACA Production

Title: Intermission

Title: The End an ACA production

Amateur filmmaker George Cummin is spooling through reels of film. The film is piling up on the floor. He cuts a sequence from a length of film and places it on a film splicer.

The filmmaker’s wife, Norah Cummin, crosses the road in front of Newcastle’s Cathedral Church of St Nicholas and heads to Ship’s Entry off Cloth Market, the headquarters of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers’ Association. A brief shot follows of a presentation to an audience at the cine club.

Repeat shot of the above scene.

[Black and white footage]

George Cummin is on the stage at the Newcastle & District ACA club headquarters in 1963. Another member is operating a camera. George Cummin and Reg. P. Townsend are speaking to the audience at the club.

[Colour footage]

One of the Newcastle & District ACA film crew holds up a light as another chalks up a clapper board for the film ‘Sound and Effects’ produced in 1964. The camera is set up, sound equipment tested, and the focus puller measures distance.

[Black and white footage]

Members troop into the Newcastle ACA club at Ship’s Entry for a meeting, probably in 1965.

A close-up of a man taking jewellery from a box is set up.

Brief shot of the bowler-hatted salesman door stepping in the 1964 Newcastle ACA film, according to the clapper board ‘Sound and Fury’.

[Colour footage]

Brief scenes of rehearsal shoot for the ACA production “A Fishing Tale”, filmed in 1967.

[Colour footage]

Brief footage of the 1953 coronation procession of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

[Black and white footage]

Title: Sam Looks Back 1955

Outtakes from a number of films commissioned by St Andrews Motors of events organised by the Newcastle and District Motor Club, which includes ‘Sam Looks Back’,1955.

Men set up markers for the speed trial course for motorcyclists racing on the sands at Redcar and Coatham (?) Motorbike races take place on the beach, watched by a large crowd of spectators.

Brief sequences from a number of films include motorcycle trials for the Travers Trophy in Weardale; motorcycle race meeting at the two-mile Charterhall circuit, near Greenlaw in Scotland, on 29th April 1956; traveling shot down a County Durham road; a motorcyclist on a remote, foggy road; motorcyclists gather at the start of a rally; general view of Durham Cathedral, castle,and bridges over the Wear; shots of the action at the Belmont Senior Grand National Scramble at Belmont Park, near Durham, in 1955, which are intercut with shots of the spectators; brief shot of competitors in another Travers Trophy Trial; classic cars setting off for the first all night car trials for the St Andrew's Trophy that took place on Saturday 26th June 1954, and returning to Newcastle for the finish; motorcycles participating in a muddy motorcycle trial in Cumbria; a racing car competing in a hill climb competition at Catterick. Final shots show a man with a St Bernard dog which carries, not recuperative brandy, but petrol.

Title: The End