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NEFA 8846



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An amateur film made by Margaret Baker, a student teacher working at Ingleton Church of England School in the village of Ingleton in County Durham, recording various activities of pupils and staff at the school, including physical exercise, woodwork and sewing. 

The film opens in the school yard where a number of girls do handstands against a wall while, nearby, other girls throw around balls. Two boys, one identified as Peter Crawford, are seated in chairs in the playground as other boys jump through the gap between them.

In a classroom, a teacher rummages through fabric. Schoolgirls sit at their desks looking through the fabric bundles and writing details down in an exercise book. One of the girls uses a pair of scissors to cut into a bundle. At the far end of the classroom, the boys do woodwork. A number of small model huts are laid out on their desks. One of the boys sands down a piece of wood.

General views show a long table set up nearby on which are laid glass bottles and a vase of flowers. Another general view of the pupils in the classroom shows two boys in the background discussing their model while a girl in the foreground flicks through her exercise book, looks up and smiles at the camera.


The film changes to a field next to the school and three pupils sitting on chairs chatting. Farm buildings and a fence can be seen in the near distance. A boy walks past carrying another chair. General views show small groups of pupils sitting on chairs chatting. A calf stands nearby looking at the children.

Some of the boys play a game of cricket.

The film returns to the school yard and two women looking out of the window at the camera. The school’s headmaster Jack Crawford walks into the yard and begins speaking. Two female teachers stand against a nearby wall, they are joined by a third. Two of the teachers are identified as Ms Parker and Ms Conyers. The film ends with the children marching single file back into the school building.