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A film from the Ibberson family collection, this film shows the restoration of the Abbeydale Works in Sheffield. The restoration took place over a number of years, and the film includes footage of the rundown mill as well as the completed project.

Title - Abbeydale Works. August 1963

The film begins with images of the old Abbeydale Works in poor condition. The mill is surrounded by water, and the buildings are all very rundown. There are internal shots of the abandoned mill and various pieces of industrial equipment including mill wheels, chains, and turning mechanisms. There are also more shots of the exterior or the mill buildings including roof beams and falling brick walls.

Title - The grinding wheel roof collapsed during the winter.

The roof has collapsed, and many of the broken beams are visible.

Title - Response to the Appeal of May 1964 enabled restoration to begin.

Scaffolding has been set in place.

Title - There was great activity in the Spring of 1965

There are many workmen about, and they are working mainly on putting on a new roof. Three men guide a frame which is hanging from a crane. With the use of the crane, the new roof frame is hoisted into place.

Title - Spring 1966

A group of businessmen including Billy Ibberson gather in spring 1966 to look at the progress. Although it has been identified as springtime, everything is covered in snow, and the businessmen are bundled up in winter coats.

Title - Building restoration was completed in time for the "World Cup" visitors in July 1966

The film ends with exterior shots of the completed project.