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YFA 3382



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Made by Alan Sidi of the Mercury Movie Makers, this is a comical film that uses speeded up movement to show a train journey between Leeds and Bradford that takes less than ten minutes.  

The film opens with a shot of a station clock at Leeds Central Station that reads 7:55 am.  It is coupled with the title of the film’s name, ‘8’O’Clock Special’.  A business man in a bowler hat and suit, and carrying a long umbrella, enters the station and has his ticket checked at an old style ticket booth.  He then boards the train, sits and reads The Times.  

The train moves out of the station, and surrounding buildings are viewed from the carriage window as it travels along the track.  The film is then speeded up as the train continues along the journey.  The train speeds past buildings, houses, stations and other trains headed in the opposite direction.  The once composed businessman, still reading his paper on the train, now looks slightly distraught.  From the driver’s window the train finally arrives at the destination station, Bradford Interchange.  

The man disembarks from the train looking flustered.  He mops his brow and gives a quizzical look at the train, and he has to be helped out past the ticket booth by a guard.  The film ends with a shot of the clock at Bradford Interchange that reads 8.05 am, to emphasize the fact that the train has been speeding.