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An amateur record of the Jeff Brownhut Promotions '79 Spectacular weekend event at South Park, Darlington, on Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd June 1979, which includes fairground rides, a promotional (Osram) balloon ride, stunt riders and an aeronautical display.

Title: Darlington Cine Club Presents

Title: Jeff Brownhut Promotions' '79 Spectacular

Credit: Our thanks to Jeff Brownhut & Frank Roberts for their cooperation in the making of this film.

The opening view show a car park and the side of a double decker bus decorated with promotional advert which reads: 'The 70 Spectacular - South Park Darlington, Sat & Sun 2nd & 3rd June, 2 pm to 8 pm each day'

Young children ride on a circular train ride, part of the fairground attractions. A small boy hands his father an ice cream. A candy floss stall serves eager customers. Two large blow up wrestlers are in combat, manipulated by 'puppeteers'. A clown acts as a referee. The crowd watch from a distance behind a perimeter fence. The puppeteers carry the huge models on their shoulders, as the two combatants charge each other. Two clowns in the ring add their own forms of chaos to the competetion. At a market stall, a couple shelter under an umbrella advertising Wrigley's Spearmint. A young couple watch other inflatables take to the field, this time two monstrous dragons, one spewing pink smoke, the other blue. The blue dragon knocks the other to the foor. Children and adults watch enthralled by  the drama.

A hot air balloon is being inflated. Crowds watch from a distance as the high pressure gas flame fills the ballon envelope with hot air. A number of assistants do their best to restrain the balloon as it fills with hot air. The balloon is in the shape of an Osram domestic light bulb. A group of people gather around the basket below the balloon, to prevent the basket and its pilot taking off prematurely. Finally the balloon takes off.

A bi-plane does flying stunts with occasional plumes of coloured smoke trailing behind the aircraft.

The film cuts to an old fashioned cannon firing, attended by soldiers in period uniform. All of the cannon are mounted on wheels and are removed from the arena, to be followed by a car stunt.

A man is blindfolded and then drives a car, a Fiat Strada, around a field, with some guidance from his passenger. He drives past some volunteers who are standing in two concentric circles, while the driver guides the car between them. A travelling shot from the car records the circuit. 

Children play on a bouncy castle.

A stunt man climbs a narrow vertical metal tower or pylon. Below is a large water tank, on the surface of the water a flammable liquid is lit. The man jumps from a platform at the top of the tower into the flaming liquid below, creating a huge splash. The fire on the surface is extinguished and the man climbs out of the tank.

Eager crowds watch as another man enters the arena, dressed not in a special costume but in trousers and a white shirt. He sits down on the grass and ties straps to his ankles. With some others to help, the hook of a nearby crane lifts the man, who now has his arms strapped up, into the air. The crowds watch as the stunt performer, after a few moments of wriggling, he escapes from the bonds and throws them to the ground. The man is lowered gently after his performance. 

The number eleven is attached to a red and yellow motor bike. The rider seeems to have trouble starting it. Other bikes stand in a line. one has a sidecar attached. The bikes perform stunts on the field, one rider jumping over about eight bikes standing upright. Some motor cyclists lie under boards with which they form a ramp so that other cyclists can perform jumps. Another group of motor cyclists lie on the ground as a rider jumps over them. Other stunts include a man hanging upside down from a pole that is held between two motorbikes. Another cyclist tries to catch a 'runaway' motor bike and sidecar. Four riders perform acrobatics on one machine. More cyclists lie down and allow themselves to be leapt over by another rider.

Hay is postioned on a frame at the top of one ramp, then set it on fire. A rider jumps through the flames. Another vehicle with four wheels also survives the flames. The film ends with the riders of the display team taking a lap of honour, acknowledging the applause from the spectators.

Title: The End