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YFA 774



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This film commemorates the 700th anniversary of Bradford Market.  It shows the Market during the celebrations, shoppers, and market stalls.  A group of dignitaries accompany the Mayor and Mayoress as they tour the Market.  After which, they gather together for dinner and speeches.

Titles:  ‘City of Bradford’,  ‘1251 – 1951 Market Charter’, ‘700th Anniversary Celebration’ (with the old Bradford City Arms and Crest in the background),  ‘A film record sponsored by Robert Sharp’ and ‘Photographed by F. G. Dewhirst’.

(Colour) The film begins with a horse drawn carriage coming down the street.  In the background there are cars driving by and shops with advertising hoardings.  Two women on horseback are dressed in historical costumes.  The Mayor and other dignitaries leave Bradford Town Hall and climb aboard the carriage.  They pass through the streets of Bradford, with several outriders on horses accompanied by the sound of a bugle being blown from on top of the carriage, making their way to Kirkgate Market passing Forster Square Station.  They arrive through streets which are lined with spectators.  Here they disembark from their carriage.  Shoppers are passing to and fro by the Market steps, and a flag (green with the Union Jack in one corner) flies above.

(B&W) Crowds fill the street, and inside, a woman poses with a smiling young girl for the camera.  Inside the Market the touring visitors sit in rows, some leafing through what look like anniversary booklets, whilst the Mayor makes a speech.  The group of dignitaries make their way around the decorated market crowded with shoppers.  Some stop to talk to the camera, and two of the women carry bouquets of flowers.

(Colour) As the group make their way around the market, there are many different types of stalls both inside and outside including:  rugs, furniture and fruit and vegetables.  The Mayor pays a visit to the Sharp’s lino stall and then walks through the market chatting to stall holders.  The woman serving at Hiltons Ice Cream stand poses for the camera.  Two green buses (numbers 63 and 78, with a ‘Tizer’ advert on the side) arrive at the Town Hall, and the touring group alight sand enters while cars pass in the background. 

(B&W) The Mayor and his wife get into their car, and a group of people pose for the camera.  In an empty hall, tables are set for dinner, the chairs are covered, and small groups stand chatting on the side.  The Mayor and his party take a look at models of a new building development.  People take their seats, and begin eating their soup before being served a second course.  Dinner is followed by speeches and toasts.  The waiters form a line for the camera.

(Colour) Walking around the market are inspectors with clip boards judging the stalls.  Among the well stocked stalls is Albert Ranson food store displaying the prices of the goods on offer.  On one stall rows of sliced ham are laid our below a sign stating, ‘Boiled Ham, 2/10 per qtr.’  The stalls have plentiful supplies of tins and jars.  Shoppers walk around, many with children.  Other stalls shown include: “Ye Olde Musik Shoppe”, a hat stall, a flower stall, fruit and vegetables, a butcher’s stall with meat and a display of black pudding, a fish stall with a variety of fish and crab.  A man trims a cabbage, another cleans a set of weighing scales.  A basketful of eggs on ration, lobsters and Harold Burn’s vegetables stall.

The inspectors leave and head towards the New Market Café.  There is a fish tank and more market stall displays, including Sharp’s Flooring, with a sign, ‘Sharp’s 1886 – 1951, Bradford’.  Two inspectors compare notes.  A man does a demonstration of a product with a sign stating, ‘As seen on TV’.  Other stalls include: a flower stall, a furniture stall, with other household items, where two men sit down on a sofa, one jokingly putting up a parasol, and Sefton’s shoe stall.

A sign announces the stall dressing competition which includes Millie’s fruit and vegetable stall and a clock made from flowers.  Then there is Greenhalgh Rug and Knitting stall, food tasting – with a line of bottles containing a red drink – E. Crosby drapery stall and demonstrations at Sharp’s lino stall and at a crockery stall.  The film closes with people walking around the Market as well as some women pushing prams.