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YFA 4133



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This film mostly contains footage of the managers of the Hunslet Boys Club rugby team on a summer holiday in Malta around 1978. The footage shows the old harbour and buildings in Valetta, the capital, the coast, the cliff caves that they visit by boat, and finally the match on a flooded pitch. The club was established in 1940 by Dr. J. Wyllie as a way of offering young people the chance to improve their skills in areas such as sports, crafts, karate, and IT.

The film opens with views of Valetta's city walls and the city market set up at the base of the walls.

There is a brief shot of a bedroom and then a panoramic view of the apartments built on the landscape, taken from the roof of the building. One of the managers of the team looks over the side of the building.

A car drives along by a harbour with boats, and there are shots taken from the back seat. The men from the car wander down some steps to the sea and sit on some rocks.

They are out in a row boat, sailing along the rocky coast, in and out of caves.

The men are on the island of Gozo, and they are wandering around the streets and. The filmmaker takes shots of the surrounding landscape from the citadel up on the hill.

A few of the men sunbath in seats next to a railing overlooking the sea. They smile at the camera.

There is a boat cruise in the harbour in Valetta. The harbour is full of tall ships, row boats, and cruise ships (`AMERIKANIS'). There are also lots of cranes and freight machines in the harbours.

The film closes as the sea crashes onto the rocks and railings.