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YFA 4132



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This film contains footage of Hunslet Boys Club on a summer holiday to Cornwall and Devon in 1970. The footage shows their camp sites, and the young men carrying out their chores, their rafting competition on the beach, and some shots of the Newton Abbott Races in Devon. The second part of the holiday footage is from Park Newquay in Cornwall and includes the Perranporth Flying Club and some funny titles by the young men. The club was established in 1940 by Dr. J. Wyllie as a way of offering young people the chance to improve their skills in areas such as sports, crafts, karate, and IT.

Title-Summer Holidays August 1970 Devon & Cornwall

Title- A. Fletcher, J. Grant, B. Taylor, G. Hepper, P. Jackson, J. Scott, A. Clarke, K. Clarke, B & M McFarlane.

Title-1st Week Byslades Farm Paighton Devon.

A group of young men help to set up tents and trailer tents in the camp in the field.
Sign - Feeding Times 11am 4pm daily

Some of the campers are at a picnic table eating sandwiches. One of the young men is washing himself in a basin of water set up on a table, and two others are washing the dishes in another basin. There is a shot of the entire camp site and surrounding landscape.

Title-Around the World Float Paddling Attempt Goodrington Sands

The campers are on the beach in their swimming suits, and behind them there are beach huts all along the sand. They take rafts down from a pile on the sand and head into the water to race.


Title-Newton Abbott Races

There is a shot of horses jumping over the fences on the racecourse. Next, a jockey walks along the course after losing his horse.

Title-Chumps Tea Party

Some of the young men are at the camp table joking with the camera.

Title-`Sorry' Chumps Tea Party

The campers start to dismantle the tent frames and tidy up the camp.

Title-2nd Week Trebellan Campino Park Newquay Cornwall

Title/handmade sign-Barry's car runs on choke, Barry's brakes won't work, Barry needs new tyres, John scolds hand fletch, stung by wasp, John makes tea with saltwater, Barry lost his bed, bought shares in Smash, van will only do 10mph. Helped with car crash in camp? 2am.

Then there is a hand drawn map of the camp layout.

The coast can be seen as they drive along in the car.

Title-Big Mac copped for speeding

More footage is taken from a car, but this time a police car is in front of them.

Title-Naval Warfare us vs them

All of the campers are in tiny motor boats sailing around a small lake.

Title-Manoeuvre Line Astern

Followed by more motor boat shots

Title-Bridge to Engine Room

Title-Ramming Speed

Title-Cruisers Booey & Snotty attack wrong ships

Title-We won

Title-Cornish Gliding and Flying Club Perranporth.

Gliders and planes take off from a runway.

Title-Visiting places of interest.

The young men are on a beach playing cricket. Then they are walking around a village with old buildings. A couple of them have a beer outside `The Sloop Courage' pub.

Title -Drawing of a face with `that's all for now folks'

Title-With Fletch, Grants. Salt, Tank, Pete, Snotty, Booie, Mac, Kev, Barry

The film ends with a shot of a map of the UK with animated black dots making their way around the country. This is followed by a picture of flamingos with `The End'.