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This film shows the military camp in Scarborough, 1922 and features general inspections, footage of the outdoor cookhouse, a military band race, and sports day.

Title – With the 5th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment in camp at Scarborough August 1922

Title – The Battalion is recruited from the following area:  Rotherham Wath on Dearne & District, Barnsley, Birdwell & District Treeton District  This is one of the Battalions of the 3rd West Riding Infantry Brigade 49th West Riding Division that was active in service from April 1915 to the end of “The Great War.”

Title – H.R. Davies, C.B. commanding 49. West Riding Div. and Colonel W.M. Withycombe, C.B. commanding 3rd West Riding Infantry Bri. Having a few words with Lieut Colonel S. Rhodes D.S.O., T.D.

A group of officers stand together and chat casually.  Soldiers can be seen behind them.

Title – “The Battalion forming up and moving off.”

In a field, the Battalion stands in formation.  They begin to march and again line up in formation, the different regiments separated.  There is a panning shot of the men standing in different groups.  On horseback, the senior officer is at the front of the formation.  The men begin to march off the field, and the procession is led by a brass band.

Title – On the march showing the Band and Drums Men of the Wath and Birdwell Barnsley and Rotherham.

The soldiers march down a dirt road which is lined by a fence.  The band leads the procession, and all the soldiers march past the camera.

Title – “Transport Section”

Horse–drawn flatbed carts pass by the camera.

Title – “Guard Mounting” The Drums

Drummers march past the camera.

Title – New Guard “Present Arms”

Soldiers, standing four abreast, stand at attention.  They all carry rifles on their shoulders.  A bus tour office, Circular Tour, can be seen in the background.

Title – “Cookhouse” Cooks preparing dinners.

The camp has outside cooking facilities, and men stand at large vats where they stir the food.  Next they ladle the food into large buckets.  There are other cooks working at a large oven, and when the meal is ready, the cooks line up and walk past the camera, away from the cookhouse.

Title – “Come to the cookhouse door boys.”

Men carry buckets of food, and many buckets and large bowls are lined up on the ground.  The cooks stand nearby and are dressed in white uniforms.  The soldiers come by to collect their food including serving bowls of potatoes.

Title – “Dinners up.”

The soldiers make their way into the large dining tent.  They are lined up in single file, and many of them smile at the camera.

Title – “Battalion Sports in Camp.”

Title – “The Band Race” (Playing their instruments while running.)

Members of the band race towards the finish line, and a group of spectators, including women and children, has lined up to watch.  Each of the men runs while playing their instruments, some of which include a drum, tuba, and trumpet. 

Title – “Boys Bun and Treacle Race” (Followed by “Mouth Inspection”)

From wooden frame, buns hang by string, and the younger boys attempt to eat the buns without using their hands.  A group of spectators have gathered to watch the event, and many of the soldiers laugh and smile at the boys’ attempts.  A small group of younger children are seated in the front of the crowd to watch the game.  At the end, the boys lay down on the ground for inspection.  They get up one by one after being cleared by the referee.

Title – “Tug of War”  “B” Comp. Beats “D” Comp. in the “Final Pull.”

Men from the two companies take part in a tug-of-war.  Again, soldiers are gathered to watch the event.

Title – The “Jazz Band” who helped make the fun.

Men in fancy dressed are lined up together to pose for the camera.  They pretend to play different instruments, laughing and joking around as they do so.

Title – “Prize Distribution” by the Brigade Commander Colonel W.M. Withycombe, C.B.

A trophy table has been set up, and the Colonel hands out trophies and prizes as each of the winners come up to the table to collect his prize.  The men salute as they leave the table which is surrounded by spectators.

Title – Lieut Colonel S. Rhodes D.S.O., T.D. commanding the Battalion with this adjutant and Sergt. Major.

Three men stand posed in front of a tent.

Title – The Officers of the Battalion.

The officers, informally gathered, stand and chat.

Title – The Warrant Officers and Sergeants of the Battalion “Who Said Beer.”

A larger group of men pose for the camera.  Most of them hold pints or bottles of beer, and they laugh and joke around.  Some cheers for the camera, and after which, the men go on their way.

Title – The Return Home “Detraining.”

The train pulls into the station at platform four, and a few of the station crew wait on the platform.  The soldiers wave from the windows of the train as they arrive at the station, and when the train stops, the men all get off the train and fill the platform.

Title – On the way to “Drill Hall”  The end of a perfect fortnight.

The film ends as the Battalion marches down the street which is filled with crowds on either side.  Some of the children walk along with the soldiers as they make their way to Drill Hall.  An electric tram follows the end of the parade, and the conductor can be seen.  The final shots are of the crowd gathered in the streets, many of whom wave and smile at the camera as they are being filmed.