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Made during the First World War, this film documents the inspection of the 5th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment by General Lawson. It also includes footage of the soldiers marching across Lendal Bridge in York on their way to fight in France.

Title - 5th Batt. York and Lancs. Regt. Being inspected by GENERAL LAWSON
Filmed by Debenham and Co. York.

Soldiers are standing in line formations with their guns.

Title - Field Officers

All the Field Officers pose for the camera. There are more soldiers in the street with a few onlookers interspersed within the crowd. There are shots of the officers which are followed by a formal inspection of the regiment by the General. The General walks though the regiment who are all standing at attention. The military band can also be seen.

Title - Col. C. Fox (Commanding) Taking the Salute.

The military band leads the way, and the regiment marches off the field. There are some onlookers who have gathered along the sides of the field.

Title - The Laddies who fought and won.

The regiment continues to march until they are lined up on the street. Some of the soldiers wave to the camera. They line up in more formations possibly near Skeldergate Bridge in York.

Title - Marching through York en route for France. 1915.

The regiment marches across Lendal Bridge, away from the Minster and towards the train station. Townspeople walk along side the soldiers.

Title - "Not once or twice in this fair islands' story Has the path of duty been the way to glory."