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YFA 794



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This film is part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection and comprises footage of the Hinchcliffe Mill Band, the Wakefield Cathedral Choir and a selection of footage of local folk dancers and actors performing in the church hall.

Title-Part Two United Open Air Service and Procession lead by the Hinchcliffe Mill Band.

Title-School Service Holmfirth High School.

The school service follows this and the Primary and Secondary High School are involved.

Title-Crown Imperial. A recital of Coronation Music.
Wakefield Cathedral Choir, Peter Gould (organ), conducted by Jonathan Bielby.

There are shots taken from inside the hall showing the school choir performing. Outside a tea party is taking place in the town square, and even the shop keepers stand in their doorways and drink cups of tea.

A lengthy sequence then shows a choir sing and folk dancers performing in the church courtyard. They move in circles and around on another before sword dancer come and perform. There is a shot of a brochure which reads 'The Vigil Play' and then there is a slightly underexposed sequence of the local amateur dramatic actors performing in the church hall. The film closes with scenes in the town, people pose for the camera.

Title-Filmed and produced by K.M. Lockwood and R. Bates.

Title-Thanks are due to the following organizations for their part in the making of this film

Title Holmfirth Amateur Dramatic Society

Title-Holmfirth Choral Society

Title-Holmfirth High School

Title-The parish church choir

Title-Hinchcliffe Mill Brass Band.

Title-Kirklees MBC

Title-The End.