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YFA 793



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This film was made by Kathleen Lockwood and contains footage of the Holmfirth Parish Church of the Holy Trinity 500th Anniversary Festival.

Title-Holmfirth Parish Church of the Holy Trinity
500th Anniversary Festival April to July 1976.

The film opens with shots of the church and the centre of the town. The voiceover talks about the history of the church while there are shots of men and women sanding, carving and cleaning the pews and preparing the church for the celebrations. The voiceover talks about the redecoration of the church by volunteers and this is followed by shots of the men and women washing and varnish the pews. The voiceover talks about the work carried out on the church and how the community is getting involved in the celebrations.

Some girls hold up their designs for the celebration poster.

Title-Rehearsal for...
Hymn of Praise

In the following section a conductor stands in front of a choir who are practicing for the concert. The shots are taken from different parts of the room.

At the church the bells are chiming and there are shots from inside the bell tower showing the bell ringers. Brief shot of some women and a priest standing outside and then it cuts to the inside of the church as people file in. The priest and choir boys file in next, and then there are shots of the ceremony.

Men and women have gathered in a village hall to have tea after the mass. Following this are several shots of a group of women having afternoon tea, possibly in the same hall. Some of the women stand behind tables with cakes and biscuits as the food is part of a bring-and-buy sale.

A Scottish dancing event takes place in the gallery and includes interior shots of young girls in Scottish folk dresses dancing. The children are watched by an audience of men and women and in the next shot they are also dancing outside.

In the church some women start looking at old parish records, an exhibition of clergy clothing and altar items, as well as other books that show drawings of local mills in the area. This is followed by a local school art exhibition that has models of churches made by local children, together with other art work. A children's brass band plays in the church, and the shots are taken from a few different angles.