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YFA 5446



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This is one of a series of films made of the 4th Battalion Duke of Wellington Regiment at training camps in the late 1930s.  This is the second of two films of the Regiment at a training camp near Scarborough, showing the regiment marching in Scarborough, their departure and arrival in Halifax.

The film begins with a group of soldiers presenting arms at the training campsite.

Intertitle – The Brigade commander Colonel J C Burnett, with Colonel S Rhodes, awaits the Battalion.

The two colonels are seated on their horses in the middle of the camp.

Intertitle – The Battalion marches out.

The military band leads the Regiment as it marches out of the camp, with a group of Boys Brigade marching at the rear.

Intertitle – Passing over the Valley Bridge

They march over Valley Bridge in Scarborough, with other traffic and pedestrians passing by.

Intertitle – A view of the Foreshore

There is a view across the South Bay looking towards the Spa and the Esplanade Hotel on the hill before the film moves around to show the beach.  It then shows the harbour, with fishing boats and the lighthouse.

Intertitle – At rest on the Marine Drive

The troops, and horses, rest on the sea road under the cliffs. Two officers, wearing some strange attire, lift their hats in mock salute.  A woman is also taking a rest there. A battle cruiser passes by. Another officer stands in a leopard skin apron. 

Intertitle – Leaving the Marine Drive

They march off again.

Intertitle – A view from the north cliff.

The troops march along the sea front from the top of the cliff.

Intertitle – Completion of camp.  4th August. Preparations for departure.

Outside their tents, the troops stand with their bags and other equipment ready to leave.  Some luggage is being loaded onto lorries, and some members of the Boys Brigade can be seen playing about in the background. 

Intertitle – The Battalion leaves camp

The Regiment lines up in formation and marches off.  Two women stand waiting at a railway station as the marching Regiment arrives, followed by two small girls and boys on bicycles.

Intertitle – The Battalion less the Brighthouse and Cleckheaton companies arrives at Halifax.  Horton Street and the Station approach.

The street is lined with people on both sides as the Battalion stands at the entrance to the station ready to march off.

Intertitle – Leaving the station for headquarters

They march off from the station.

Intertitle – Return of the heavy baggage

The luggage is unloaded into the station store room.

Intertitle – Finis