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NEFA 21768



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Filmmaker and railway enthusiast travels further afield to Hampshire to document the southern rail network and in particular the former military railway at Longmoor.

The film opens with a trackside view of an approaching steam engine. A signal light overhanging one of the railway lines is at red. The approaching engine is the world famous number 4472 'Flying Scotsman'  it speeds past into the distance.

This is followed by footage of Southern Region West Country Pacific class locomotive 34023 "Blackmore Vale" a Bulleid designed 4-6-2 engine. Next a view of a reversing engine no. 92203 a BR9F Riddles, R 2-10-0. Enthusiasts gather to take photo's.

The film cuts to a warning notice for those using the military railway at Longmoor (Hampshire), which reads 'Civilians except for war department employees on duty, or proceeding to or from work may not travel. Soldiers not on duty, their wives and families, and war department employees may travel at their own risk'.

A trackside view from a little way  up the side of a cutting shows an approaching steam train. The film cuts to a railway platform shot and a brief view of a diesel shunting engine going slowly past the platform. A couple of men run towards the camera, then climb into a car. This followed by a travelling shot in car showing the back of the driver's head. Very overxposed and indistinct footage follows.

Another shot follows of 92203 the Riddles designed engine seen earlier. This time the name of the engine can be seen, 'Black Prince'.

A group of enthusiasts mill about on a railway track near an engine shed. A man climbs on to the tender of a stationary engine next to a water feed. He pulls on a chain so that the spout from the feed can be positioned in the engine's water tank. The engine is the Black Prince as a close up of the number 92203 is shown. A close up follows of a copper pipe on the engine with steam coming out. A man in a work overalls holds a piece of paper to the camera, with writing on it (indistinct).

The film cuts to a roadside warning sign ' Stop while lights flash', then to another 'Trains Cross Here'. In the middle distance a steam engine crosses the road, and moves off around a curve.

A trackside view follows on a flat piece of land, a signal box in the distance. A black steam engine comes past number 70013, 'Oliver Cromwell'. This is followed by a view of a trackside notice, the heading starts 'Midlands Railway' but the rest is indistinct. Another trackside notice reads 'Beware of Trains'.

The film ends with a long shot of a large house or stately home in the distance. The camera pans left over hilly countryside, as a railway line comes into view.