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NEFA 21772



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Chris Lawson, railway enthusiast and filmmaker documents one of the most famous steam engines, the Flying Scotsman as it travels on railways in Scotland and the North East of England.

The film opens wih a brief view of a DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) heading towards the camera along a brick lined railway cutting. A general view shows a small group of people standing at a roadside looking at a steam train which is coming along the rail line next to the road. It's the Flying Scotsman pulling a passenger train. Cars are parked along the side of the road, as their passengers take in the view.

The film cuts to a view across a river as the Flying Scotsman speeds past along the rail line opposite. A man rushes across a road bridge to get a better view. More views follow in open country, which is followed by a trackside view of the Flying Scotsman as it comes through a heavily forested area.

Next the 'Scotsman goes across a viaduct, speeding along an embankment in open country. It crosses a steelĀ  bridge which goes across the Coast Road between Newcastle and Tynemouth, the Wills cigarette factory clearly seen in the background.

Another trackside view follows taken in the early morning or late in the day as the 'Scotsman thunders towards the camera, and ends the film as it disappears around a curve.