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YFA 5303



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This is a film that shows a dinner to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Charter of Hull, with speeches from the Archbishop of York and Winston Churchill.

Title – An historic event: The commencement of the sixth century in the Sheriffdom of Kingston upon Hull and the 400th anniversary of the signing of the charter of the Hull Trinity House.
Luncheon in the Guildhall given by the Sheriff of Hull, Robert G Tarran – Friday 7th November 1941.

Dignitaries are seated at the head of the table as the Archbishop of York gets up to speak.

Intertitle – His Grace the Archbishop of York (now Primate of England) expresses good wishes to the City and the Sheriffdom in the Centuries to come.

Intertitle – The boys of Trinity House School are interested spectators.

The boys stand around the perimeter of the room while the guests are seated to dinner.

Intertitle – The Rt. Hon. A V Alexander, First Lord of the Admiralty, pays tribute to the Merchant Seamen.

Alexander speaks, followed by the Mayor.

Intertitle – The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, accompanied by the Lord Mayor, is welcomed by the Sheriff, amidst cheers.

Churchill takes his seat to hip-hip hoorays from the Mayor.  He then stands and speaks.

Intertitle – Mr Winston Churchill tells the company:- “I have never promised anything but the hardest conditions, but I am confident that at the end all will be well for us in our Island home, and all will be better for the world.”

After his speech he again gets three cheers.

Intertitle – And so, in the words of the Prime Minister:- “The spirit of the people determines the war, and by the fortitude I have seen today in Hull, I know we shall win.”

The End